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Little Live Pets Cuddles My Dream Kitten

So it’s getting near that time of year again, the time children write their dreaded Christmas lists. If your little one has asked Santa for a pet and you know there is no way they will be getting one then Little Live Pets have the perfect solution. My Dream Kitten Cuddles looks like a cat and sounds like a cat. She can even move her tail like a cat. She is as close to being a cat as you can possibly get.

Cuddles really is a dream kitten. The toy is so fluffy you almost can’t see it’s big blue eyes. It’s fur is so soft, you just want to stroke it. The cat is grey and white with a sweet little pink nose. When you touch the nose, (as of course, you’ll want to do because it is so cute and looks just like a button) it begins to move.

When you press the bose the cat will miow and purr and move it’s incredibly fluffy tail. It has a bowl which you can feed it from. There is a small button on the feet which you can press to turn it on and off. The cat has a pretty blue collar where you can write her name, when you decide on it.

The thing we liked best about this toy was how it feels to cuddle. It feels very substansial when you pick it up and has a realistic weight to it. It makes the kitten really cuddly and lovely to hold. It would be a good toy if you have an anxious or worried child as it feels so reassuring.

When you stroke and cuddel the kitten it closes its eyes and purrs and snuggles in to you. This really does make it a dream kitten. Most cats are friendly when they want something. This one will alwasy cuddle you.

Cuddles My Dream Kitten costs around £53.99 and is bound to be a big hit for animal lovers at Christmas or any time of year.

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