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Five favourite Toys

Five favourite Toys lego

We used to have a house full of books, CDs and guitars. Now it is just full of toys. Lots and lots of toys. Pink toys, red toys, plastic toys, wooden toys, big toys, little toys. If I took all the toys you can find under the sofa it would keep a whole lot of nursery of children happy for a week. It is completely my fault of course. I need to keep changing the toys so we all don’t get bored, so I like a range of toys to keep it interesting. I’m also constantly on the look out for a toy which will keep the children occupied for more than five minutes independently – doe sit exist. I’d love to be able to cook dinner without little people pulling at my legs. Maybe one day.

I’ve been told the house looks like something on one of those extreme clutter TV shows. While I don’t think it’s quite that bad I can see the point. What is worrying me is that Christmas is coming up. There is no room for anything else. Honestly, the house is bulging.

So new toys have to match these criteria:

  • All the children (and adults!) can play with it 
  • Long lasting appeal – nothing they will be bored with in 5 seconds
  • Not too big
  • Be part of a set we already have
  • Not need batteries
  • Not play an annoying tune which will make you want to bang your head against the table


We have three sets of lego, the tiny proper sized lego which my four year old is just starting to play with, duplo, which all the girls love and lego primo for babies and toddlers which for some strange reason you can’t buy any more. It’s creative, imaginative, you can  easily add pieces from your children’s favourite shows. I like the fact you can play with it however you want, some toys 

Happy Land

Little people you can make do whatever you want. They are big enough for the toddlers not to choke on. We have the police station, school, church and a lovely little family which looks just like us to play with.  3) Trains Sometimes seen as a boy toy but everyone seems to find it fun to cover the floor with train tracks and roll the trains around them. You have to be careful in this house in case a GiantBaby attacks and starts to chew your train track. 

Tea Set

We have a big box of tea things and it often comes out for a tea party. All the teddies and dolls are invited. It’s the most delicious tea in the world, although ten sugars is a bit too much and the cake has no calories. The best thing is there is no washing up.  

Play Doh!

I have to be in the mood for play doh as it does get messy. You can make your own game. We generally make snakes and snails, as they are very easy. Then make biscuits and cakes. At the moment the twins are too young to play so I’m looking forward to when they can all sit and join in.  Make sure you add your suggestions to the listography this week. Kate is going to put all the votes together to make one superpowered mighty listography. I can’t wait to see what toy will be number one. It’s a good thing she didn’t do this with guilty pleasures week, though, probably best not to know what was the favourite there.  

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