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Legoland Windsor Review

Legoland Windsor

When we found out we were chosen to be Merlin Annual Pass Ambassadors and I asked the children where they wanted to visit first it was a unanimous verdict of Legoland Windsor. This is the perfect theme park for their ages – 5 and 8. It has a central location and is easy to get to. It has been cleverly laid out so that the rides and attractions are close together so you don’t have too far to walk. It isn’t even far to walk from the car parks. Finally, everywhere you look there is Lego. What’s not to love!


It was really easy to enter using our Merlin passes and there were no queues on the gates, despite it being the middle of the school holidays. We headed straight for the rides. The first ride was a spinning spider, which the girls all loved, except for being scared of the creepy animatronic spider over their heads.


It’s great to have a ride we can all enjoy together. They especially liked spinning it to make it go faster. Me not so much.


There is a good mix of rides in one area. The spinning spider was quite popular and had a queue but in the same area, you could also go on the pirate ship or play on the large climbing frame castle. The girls were raring to go and felt brave enough to go on Pirate Falls. We were pleased there was only a five minute wait. This started as a pleasant boat ride past an assortment of Lego pirates.


It ended with a plunging drop into a splash pool. It was the perfect height for my 8-year-old to feel she had been on a really exciting ride. This was her favourite ride of the day. We got pretty wet from the splash at the bottom but there are lots of machines where you can buy rain macs for a couple of pounds if you are planning on going on a few wet rides. We used the large whole body driers to get dry which was much more fun. I was pretty pleased there was a stand nearby to get hot coffee to warm up.  


Legoland is split into different areas, each with a different Lego theme. The girls liked spotting each as we went around.

We had a bit of a wait for the Dragon’s Apprentice ride. Luckily, there were lots of things to look at while we were waiting. It was fun watching the people screaming in terror on the Dragon ride.


The girls thought it was worth the wait as they got to ride in a carriage that looked like it was made out of real giant-sized Lego.


Around the park, there are lots of Lego statues. The fairground games were not such a success as they were still too young to realise that you might not win a prize and caused a couple of tantrums during the day. It’s definitely worth setting ground rules for those games.


One of the highlights of our day was the Atlantis ride. It feels like you are submerged in a submarine and can see lots of sea creatures, fish and even sharks swimming amongst the Lego.


The twins favourite ride was the Lego Driving school. There are two different areas. They were on the under 6 cars. This was another short wait which was good for younger children. There was a small track and lots of people on hand to help the children if they get stuck.


A great ride for younger children is the Fairytale Brook. This is a lovely boat ride through cute fairy tale characters built from Lego. The girls enjoyed spotting their favourites.


The Duplo area of the park is ideal for little ones. There is a splash park for hot days, puppet shows and a play area where you can play in a life size version of the toy castle you have at home. 


Our day ended with a cuddle with none of than Emmett himself. There is so much to do at Lego land you cannot possibly do it all in a day. Another time we would use our Merlin Annual pass to get a discount on the Legoland Hotel so we can stay for an extra day.

Merlin Annual Pass Ambassador

Disclaimer: I was given a Merlin Annual Pass as part of the Merlin AP Ambassador scheme. 

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