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LEGOLAND Japan (Nagoya) Hotel Review

Whenever we go to a major theme park we always try to stay at the park’s hotel. It’s usually a little bit of a premium but we think it’s worth it. Most parks give you early access if you’ve stayed in the hotel the night before. If you stay at the Suzuka circuit hotel you can enter the Suzuka Motopia theme park 15 minutes early. However, that’s not the case at Legoland Japan! Never mind the hotel was brilliant anyway (apart from the food).

This is the only LEGOLAND Hotel in Japan. The other Legolands in Japan, Legoland Discover Tokyo and Osaka don’t have hotels.


It’s about 30 minutes away from Nagoya station and it has a dedicated trainline call the Aonami Line. This goes from Nagoya station to Kinjo Futo Station.

The JR highway bus is also available from Chubu International Airport and takes about 1 hour.

If you’re coming by car, there is a Parking Lot called Kinjofuto which is 5 minutes walking distance from the Hotel. It costs ¥2,000 ($20, £14). The LEGOLAND Japan Hotel is conveniently located at the entrance of Legoland Japan Resort (Theme Park & Sea Life Nagoya).

Legoland Japan Hotel entrance
The Legoland Japan Hotel entrance is right opposite the park entrance

The Rooms

We stayed in a Pirate themed room. Each floor is dedicated to one theme.

  • LEGO® Friends
  • Pirates
  • Adventure
  • Kingdom

At the time we stayed – November 2021 – the hotel was pretty much fully booked. We decided to go with only around 2 weeks notice. The only rooms left were Pirates and Kingdom themed ones. We opted for a pirate room.

Each floor is themed

Here’s our pictures of the Pirate themed floor. There’s lot of detail and fun things to discover as you walk to your room.

LEGOLAND Japan (Nagoya) Hotel Pirate themed floor
Pirate themed floor
LEGOLAND Japan (Nagoya) Hotel Pirate themed door
The details are brilliant. Check out the lantern and pirate character on the door.
LEGOLAND Japan (Nagoya) Hotel kids sleeping area
The kids get their own sleeping area (away from the adults)
LEGOLAND Japan (Nagoya) Hotel Pirate themed bunk bed
The bunk beds doubled as cinema seats! Lego movies are streamed 24/7
LEGOLAND Japan (Nagoya) Hotel Pirate themed adults area
The adults get a comfy pirate themed bed
LEGOLAND Japan (Nagoya) Hotel Pirate bathroom
The bathroom is functional and has Lego branded toiletries

The Food

Bricks Family Restaurant

A semi-buffet style restaurant. Choose the main meal and then go and get starters and side dishes from the buffet area. I ordered a cod fish plate. When it came, the fish was tough so I asked for a replacement. There was no fuss and it was replaced quickly. It seemed like the fish had been sat waiting under a hot lamp for a little too long. The second plate was better.

It may have been the changes that the hotel have made since COVID but it appeared to us like the buffet selection had been reduced substantially. It was a shame as the experiences we’ve had at other Japanese hotels during this period has been excellent.

Price & Value For Money

We tried booking via the Legoland Japan website but as we’ve found with many Japanese hotel site, it’s difficult to use and unintuitive. Eventually, we emailed the hotel for advice on which rooms were available but they took a few days to come back to us. In the end I booked via The price was comparable.

The hotel is approximately 3 to 4 times more expensive than a comparable hotel near-by. But that’s not the point. What you pay for is the complete Lego experience.

It cost us ¥44,906 ($390, £290) for 2 nights (2 adults, 2 kids).

Top Tips

Hotel Swimming Pool

There’s a Swimming pool in the hotel. You’ll hard pressed to find any reference to it on the website. We actually discovered it by watching a YouTube video review of the hotel. I emailed the hotel about it but they explained that it was restricted to those who have booked the premium package.

Indoor play area

If wating for dinner is just too much for your kids they can play in the brilliant Lego themed play area just next to the restaurants.

Creative Work Shop

The creative workshop needs to be pre-booked. It has sessions throughout the day. Book in advance to make sure your little one get’s a spot.

Hotel Shop

The shop is a cut down version of the main shop in the park. A good tip here is to buy your souvenirs from the Hotel and put them in your car. That way you wont get caught up in the end of the day panic buying in the park shop. And you’ll not have to walk around with a big box of Lego all day.

Secret treasure hunt

Each room has a treasure hunt. Figure out the clues and unlock the secrete treasure. We wont give the game away here but rest assured the treasure was worth the effort!

Legoland crossword game

We would advise checking in to the hotel before entering the park. This is because the reception desk hands you a crossword puzzle. If you can solve it using the clues in the park you get a special gift.


The hotel doesn’t have it’s own parking lot. However, close by there’s one called Nagoya Shiei Kinjofuto Parking Lot. Here is the google maps location of the car park. The price of parking per day is ¥2,000 ($20, £14).


We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Legoland Japan Hotel. It capped off a great day in the park and continued the Lego themed fun across the 2 days. The girls felt very grown up having their own space. The bunkbeds were a hit and it gave the children a sense of being grown up. Our only complaint was the quality and selection of food available.

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