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Lego Head Storage Review

Lego is one of the best toys for children – it stimulates the imagination and gives endless opportunities for open ended play. Unfortunately its also hard to store and gets everywhere. These lego storage containers are funky and fun and offer a great way to store your lego and keep it tidy.

Halloween themed Lego storage containers

Perfect for a Halloween gift instead of giving sweets. They fit a surprising amount of lego inside an will look great in a child’s room. I love the way they are shaped like lego heads but also look like a pumpkin and a skeleton.You can also get a lego man head which would be great for any time of year.

As you can see the girls all loved the lego heads. They are made of very strong durable plastic and will last a long time and take lots of knocks.

We were also sent a bright pink storage box shaped like a Lego brick. This stores loads of lego and sits brilliantly on a shelf. This is a great item and would also be good to store other things. Molly wanted to use it for her colouring and pencils. These come in lots of colours, so you are sure to find one to suit your room.

Disclaimer: We were sent the lego storage for review. The views remain my own and are honest.

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