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LEGO DUPLO Number Train Review

A review of LEGO DUPLO - number train

There is one way you can tell whether twins love a new toy and that is if they start squabbling over it as soon as you take it out of the box. As soon as the twins saw the LEGO DUPLO number train they both wanted it. I’m not surprised – it is so bright and colourful with three rainbow carriages and a cheerful engine.

LEGO DUPLO Number Train Review

We are already huge LEGO fans. the girls all started with the baby version of LEGO – primo – which we bought from the internet as you can’t get it in shops. They all love LEGO DUPLO and we have a huge box of brightly coloured bricks and a few characters. I find LEGO DUPLO is one toy all children can play with – from little tots up to teenagers and of course adults. Molly is five and has her own growing collection of LEGO friends and LEGO city – she has begun to follow the instructions to make things and it is brilliant seeing her enthusiasm.

I set up the train while the girls were at preschool – ok I say it was because I wanted them to see it made up but mainly because I couldn’t wait. My favourite part is the way the numbers are built-in – I love a bit of stealth learning – it is so much fun that the twins didn’t realise they are learning.

The twins loved different things about the train. Rosie loves the colours. She enjoyed matching objects from around the house to each of the carriages – in fact this was her own game she made up.


Charlotte loved the little dog and enjoyed putting him on the carriages and pulling him around the room.

The girls were definitely practicing their number skills when they were playing. They are three in June and I am gradually starting to build on their counting skills and get them to recognise numbers and this train will be a great help to doing that. They have begun to understand that objects can be counted and both enjoyed building towers with the number – although as you can see they can’t put them in the right order just yet! If every time they are playing with the train they practice saying the number names as they are counting it is only a matter of time.


After the initial squabble the twins played really well with the train. the enjoyed taking it apart and building their own towers and one has the train driver and the other his dog for little imaginary conversations. Molly is keen to use our DUPLO supply and build a train station at the weekend.

One of the other things I like about LEGO DUPLO is the packaging is not excessive. The box is bright and cheerful and the pieces are really easy to get out – with no fiddly and dangerous wires. You can play straight away. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow.


I would sum up LEGO DUPLO as being deceptively educational. Children think they are getting a fun toy. They don’t realise they are actually improving their fine motor skills and spatial awareness – as well as developing creativity and imagination – following instructions – storytelling skills and in this case numeracy skills too.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend LEGO DUPLO to friends, and family and often buy LEGO as birthday and Christmas presents. This would be a brilliant birthday present for any child ages 2-5. You know it’s going to last and provide hours of fun.


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