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Lechuza Planter Review

The twins are really into gardening at the moment. They love the idea of their own little garden patch to plant flowers or fruit. It’s a lovely idea but I thought it best to start small. We were sent a Lechuza Caribbean Blue Balconera 50 plant pot, which is the perfect size for them to try. This works well for large or small gardens, or even if you just have a balcony as you can attach them to railings or walls.


The colour is really bright and vibrant and makes a perfect focal point in the garden. It is also available in lots of different colours white, slate, nutmeg, pistachio and purple garnet.

Caribbean Blue Balconera 50

In the container is gravel to irrigate the soil. It also comes with a handy water level indicator. This is great for me as I am hopeless with watering plants. The planters sub-irrigation system, which means you don’t need to worry about over-watering and can go up to twelve weeks between watering.

Caribbean Blue Balconera 50

The Lechuza planter has a plant liner. This means you can pick up and carry the plants around really easily using the carry handles. I think this is a really useful feature as you can bring the plants in on a frosty evening to make sure they stay safe.

gardening with kids

This is the ideal planter for getting kids involved in the garden. It looks really great and is the perfect size for a couple of plants. Also the watering features mean that they will find it easier to care for their plants.

plant pot 3

The planter is made from high-quality, UV-resistant plastic and feels very sturdy. It is a really practical and durable material for both outside and inside the house.

gardening with kids

The Balconera 50 costs just £29.99. I think this is a great price for such an innovative product.You can also buy the Balconera 80, which is a double sized planter.

Lechuza planter

We had a really lovely time in the garden planting our Lechuza planter with flowers. The girls really enjoyed getting outside and back to nature, after the long WInetr being indoors. It adds a lovely splash of colour to the garden. Find out more about the Lechuza range of planters and furniture here. If you liked htis post then check out How to Get Children Into Gardening.

Lechuza planter

Disclaimer: We were sent the planter for the purposes of this review.

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