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Help Your Child Learn to Write Their Name

A cute activity to learn to write your name

The twins are 3 and a half and are doing really well learning their names. They can read their name and know all the letter sounds and can write the letter if you tell them what to write. The next stage is to get the letters in the right order. I do feel a little bit mean as Charlotte has such a long name compared to Rose. However, I think it evens out a bit as Charlotte is particularly keen to write. Rose also finds it a bit harder to write as she is left handed – it’s lucky she got the shorter name.

name activities

I bought some cute little heart shaped post its which will be great for all sorts of learning activities. I think it would work well for any shaped post its. This is such a quick activity and doesn’t take much set up. This is good as the twins find it impossible to wait while I get anything ready at the moment and their impatience really spoils things. I wrote their name on each post it and then drew around the shape so they can match the letters up. Charlotte need two pieces of paper for hers!

First the girls stuck the post its onto the right letter. I will make this a bit harder next week buy not writing the letter into the heart on the paper and see if they can do it without the reminder.

name recognition

After that they matched another blank heart. This was good for making patterns. They copied the name underneath.

Rose enjoyed this so much she did another line on top. I think this activity really appealed to her because of the colours and the fact they are pretty love hearts. Usually she does not stay involved in writing activities for long.

I think this is so much more fun than just writing your name onto paper. They didn’t realise they were learning. I’m going to use the post it notes for my 6yo spellings as well.

For more learning activities with a fun twist make sure you are following my fun education ideas Pinterest board.

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