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Leaf Wreath

A fun and simple Fall craft for kids - make a leaf wreath made from hand prints.


I love the colours of Autumn and wanted to make something with the girls to start them thinking about the season. In school I have always used hand prints to make leaf shapes and then used them in a variety of different crafts throughout the year – varying the colour depending on the season. They look particular good in Autumnal colours and I would often use them to decorate my classroom at the start of the school year.

A fun and simple Fall craft for kids - make a leaf wreath made from hand prints.

We used craft foam to make our leaves. You could use real leaves of course or card painted in the right colours. We also used a paper plate for the base.

leaf wreath

First we drew around the girls’ hands.


leaf wreath

One of the good things about this croft is that it is brilliant scissor practice. Cutting out the hands is really great practice.

leaf wreath

The twins are only just three and not able to cut around shapes yet but they enjoyed practicing their cutting skills using coloured paper and making lines.

cutting practice

After that it is a very easy step to stick the leaves onto the paper plate with a hole in the middle.

leaf wreath

They can then be hung up on the door. I think they would look great with a photo in the middle.

leaf wreath

They looked really pretty decorating a candle. You would not be able to light the candle though as the foam is flammable.

leaf wreath

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