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Leaf Letters: A fun phonics game

phonics game

I really love looking for unusual way to practice skills like early phonics. When I saw these beautiful autumn leaves I knew they would be great as they are so beautiful, you just want to play with them. You can get similar fabric leaves on ebay.
phonics game

I also used sharpies, sticky letters and mini wooden pegs. I copied the leaves using the photocopier on our printer. They turned out really well.

phonics game

I wrote the letters onto the leaves and onto the photocopy and also stuck a small sticker on each of the pegs. The twins then had to match the letters.

leaf letters

This was a great activity for fine motor skills as well as literacy as the pegs are tricky to use.


I made this harder by having the twins match upper and lower case as well as the type face font of the stickers. This would work well for high frequency words or for number bonds and times tables in maths.

leaf letters

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