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Leaf Art with Sharpies

Leaf Art with Sharpies

I find Autumn is very inspiring for arts and crafts. The colours are lovely and the colder days mean you need more activities inside. We found some huge leaves which had beautiful colours, variegated oranges and green. They were the perfect canvas for drawing.

We collected several leaves and used Sharpies to draw on them. It was a very simple set up and perfect for five minutes quiet time or for winding down after school.

The girls enjoyed drawing patterns and flowers onto the leaves.

Sharpies work brilliantly on a leaf because the surface is so shiny, other pens and paint won’t work as well. You can use travel wipes to rub off mistakes.

We thought the leaf looked a lot like the tree it came from. The lines in it looked like the branches. We decided to draw along the veins of the leaf with the Sharpie to make it look like a tree.

Then we filled the shape in with little leaves. When you stick it on a blue background it looks like a tree. You could make a whole Autumn scene.

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