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DIY Luna Lovegood Costume

luna lovegood costume

If you’re looking for a last minute World Book Day costume, it is easy to rush to the supermarket and grab whatever costume is there. If they are a Harry Potter fan then there are lots of Hermione or Harry costumes to choose from. However it’s pretty easy to pull together something at the last minute for one of the other characters and stand out from the crowd. Molly wanted to wear a Luna Lovegood costume this year and although at first it seems a bit unusual it is possible to pull off at the last minute.

Luna Lovegood Costume
Luna Lovegood Costume

Raid Your Wardrobe For Costume Pieces

A lot of Luna’s clothes are actually things you would already have in your wardrobe. It’s just she puts them together in a really unusual way. The main elements of this look are a skater skirt, trainers and a blazer and it wouldn’t really matter what colour you had of these. She also wears brightly coloured tights and stripy socks, a grown up pair is fine. 

Luna Lovegood Costume from Amazon Prime
Luna Lovegood Costume materials

For the extra items we used our Amazon Prime Now app. This is a brilliant app because you can get your products delivered within an hour. You can see my full review of Amazon Prime Now here. This is perfect if you have forgotten a costume as you can get one that evening. There are even a few costumes you can buy if you don’t want to make anything. For example you can get a Wolverine, a Star Wars Jedi, a pirate, or Elsa from Frozen. There are even costumes for adults or for your dog. We bought a witch costumes for less than ten pounds each for the twins to wear as well a cat each. 

To go with the clothes we also made a few props to bring the character to life. You wouldn’t need to do all of these, maybe just one or two. 

Radish Earrings Add A Great Touch To This Costume

For me, the radish earrings are what I think of first about Luna. It is just such a quirky choice. I knew these would be easy to make out of Fimo. This might sound suspiciously complicated for a last minute craft but they took about five minutes for my 9 year old to make and 30 minutes to bake in the oven. Ok, I’ll admit we actually had to make too as I have a new oven and set the temperature way too high so they burnt to a crisp the first time. Ooops. 

Luna Lovegood Costume - Radish earrings
Raddish Earrings add a great touch to the costume

To make a radish you just need three colours of FIMO: red, green and white and some wire. First roll a ball of red FIMO. Gently pull out one end and attach a small line of white Fimo for the satlk. On the other end add some green leaves. These were just small green circles of Fimo in different sizes and shapes stuck on the top in a circle. 

Make the earrings for the Luna costume
Use FIMO to make Luna’s earrings

On top of the radish add a loop of green Fimo. Once the radishes have been baked for 30 minutes and left to cool, you can thread wire onto them. We bought silver plated copper wire from Amazon Prime Now costing only £2.70 and some little wire cutters. Molly doesn’t have pierced ears so we made a long loop of wire which circles over her ears. She enjoyed pretending she was wearing earrings. If you do have pierced ears you could just make a short look of wire and put them onto some hoop earrings.  

Making Luna Lovegood’s Spectrespecs

You Will Need

  • sunglasses
  • craftfoam / card
  • strong glue
  • sharpies.
Luna Lovegood's glasses made from card and decorated with Sharpies
Luna Lovegood’s glasses made from card and decorated with Sharpies

We drew around the glasses to get the size for them spectrespecs. Then we drew the distinctive shape of the glasses and cut them out. On the other side Molly drew a pattern of circles and stars. She looked at a photo from the movie but didn’t stick too closely to it. If you had glasses with plain glass you could colour in the lenses with red and blue to look more realistic. The sunglasses we used from Amazon Prime Now were actually tinted in different colours so they looked really realistic. 

Wearing Luna Lovegood's glasses
Wearing Luna Lovegood’s glasses

These are the perfect glasses to wear when you are relaxing with your copy of The Quibbler, making sure you read it upside down of course. 

Reading The Quibbler wearing Luna Lovegood's glasses
Reading The Quibbler wearing Luna Lovegood’s glasses

Butterbeer Cork Necklace

This is such an easy craft. You need a cork, a sharpie some wire and an old necklace. First we used a sharpie to draw a B for Butterbeer on the cork. Then we created a loop with a piece of wire and  poked it hard into the top of the cork using a twisting motion. After that we simply threaded the loop onto the necklace. 

Luna Lovegood's outfit accessories
Luna Lovegood’s outfit accessories

Finishing Touches

To complete Luna’s costume you could have:

  • a knitted bag
  • a copy of The Quibbler – you could draw your own or print from the internet. 
  • The Quibbler badges – we made ours with a badge maker.
  • a wand
  • a broomstick
  • hair in a side pony tail.
  • a vacant, dreamy, slightly surprised expression
Luna Lovegood ready to head out
Luna Lovegood ready to head out

We loved putting together this costume and hopefully everyone will recognise it on World Book Day. Other world book days we’ve made a Rainbow Fish costume, a Mandalorian costume, a Jokers Masquerade Costume,

Luna Lovegood ready to head out to a party

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Homemade Luna Lovegood costume

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Disclaimer: We were sent a voucher to use to buy materials to make a last minute costume. 

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