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Kitchen Appliances That Make Cooking Easier and Faster

Are you a novice cook who dreads stepping foot in the kitchen to cook your meals? Or perhaps you are a seasoned chef who finds cooking a time-consuming chore and wants to free up their schedule and save some stress in the kitchen. If that is so, then consider embracing some smart kitchen tools and appliances to make things simple for yourself in the kitchen. With these kitchen appliances by your side, you not only save up valuable time but also simplify your daily cooking tasks.


Here is a look at our top picks for some essential kitchen appliances worth the expense and that will do most of the work for you during the cooking process. 

Belgian Waffle Maker

Start your day on the right foot by making some thick and fluffy waffles with a bit of crunch in this incredible waffle maker. Considered one of the best waffle makers in the market, it features non-stick plates for minimal mess while creating large, round waffles with deep pockets that perfectly hold plenty of delicious syrup.

Instant Pot Cooker

This versatile pressure cooker has become a staple in many kitchens, and for all the good reasons. The classic multi-cooker offers convenience and ease of use like none other by speeding up the cooking time manifold. 

Capable of making everything from steamed rice to hearty stews and homemade yogurt, it features various pre-programmed settings to make cooking some of your favorite recipes with just a click of a button. Not to mention that following an easy recipe by corrie cooks would simplify things further. This little pot does just about everything you can think of, and all you have to do is add your ingredients, select a program, and let the Instant Pot take care of the rest.

Appliances that make cooking easier

Ninja Food Chopper

If you want to save yourself from the continuous, tedious food chopping and shorten your prep, then food choppers are a viable alternative to a regular knife. Whether it is garlic, onion, spices, cheese, zest, or nuts, the electric chopper is a huge time saver and makes it incredibly easy to add a bunch of veggies to your recipes without having to chop every ingredient manually. All you have to do is throw in a variety of vegetables together, turn it on, and it will grind and blend your vegetables within seconds. Simple as that!

Oster Versa Pro Series Blender

Another handy kitchen tool to keep on hand is the Oster Versa Pro Series Blender which allows you to blend whole fruits and veggies and make your favorite smoothies, soups, and other nutritious meals. So whether you want to mix up delicious cocktails within no time or prepare a dip to go along with nachos for the perfect movie night, this machine can blend foods to the perfect consistency and freshest flavor.

Rapid Egg Cooker

Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day. However, not many can prepare breakfast for themselves when they get up in the morning due to time constraints. That is where the rapid egg cooker comes in handy. The appliance gives you perfectly cooked eggs in a lesser time than it takes to boil them on the stove. 

Whether you want to whip up omelets or prefer your eggs scrambled, hard-boiled, or poached eggs, this machine does it all with a push of the button within a few minutes. The best part? It shuts off automatically after the eggs are ready, which means you do not have to wait around to monitor the cooking process and can run other errands.

So no more rushing your daily breakfast with this magical machine anymore, as this magical machine makes prepping healthy breakfasts a breeze in the morning.

NuWave Pro Plus Oven

Whether you want to roast, grill, barbecue, bake, or air fry, this portable infrared oven offers a fast and convenient way of cooking your favorite meals and snacks with utmost ease. A major plus point with this tabletop option is that you do not have to preheat your food, making it more energy-friendly than a regular oven. The oven reduces your cooking time by up to 70 percent and uses less energy, all while cooking meats, fish, vegetables, and desserts to ultimate perfection.

Appliances that make cooking easier

Rice Cooker

Since living in Japan we have really grown to love rice. That’s just as well because it’s everywhere in this food loving nation. Throw the rice in the rice cooker, set a timer and have steaming hot fluffy, sticky rice an hour later.


So there you have it. All we desire after coming home from work is a quick and delicious meal to munch. However, everyone has the time or the energy to make dinner after an already exhausting day. These kitchen appliances can prove to be a lifesaver in such situations by helping you bring the perfect meal to the table in minimal time and with minimal effort.

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