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Diary of a Sporty Kid

I had been thinking of booking Molly onto some sort of sports activity this holiday. She really loves sports and needs to be really active, while her sisters enjoy having more quiet days at home. I was really delighted when we were asked to review Kings Camps, Sports and activities camps for kids during the Summer holiday. I booked Molly at the Bromsgrove camp and she was down for the multi-sports, which meant trying lots of different sports and activities. This costs £149 for a week of 9.30-4.00 or £169 for the Active Plus week which runs from 8.15am-5.45pm.

Kings Camps Review

From a parental point of view, I was really impressed with the range of activities on offer, the flexibility in terms of what time I could drop her off and the communication from the staff. they made us feel really welcome and at ease. As it was Molly who was doing the reviewing I thought I would hand over this blog to her to let you know how she got on.


I woke up feeling very excited because I was going to Sports Camp. When we got there you could do drawings, play football or make up some jokes before the sports started. I felt a bit shy when I first arrived because the others all seemed to know each other. Tom the site manager met us when we arrived and signed us in. He was really friendly and I couldn’t wait to get started.IMG_1789

When other people arrived I made friends. We were in Group One. Our group leader is very kind and loves to do sports. We did lots of different activities: parachute games, football golf, basketball, badminton, tennis and bench ball. My favourite activities tennis and basketball. Even though it was my first time playing basketball I got the ball in fourteen times. I know FOURTEEN TIMES!

In the afternoon, we got into groups to play games. We played sardines. I accidently said “found you” when I found someone because I forgot the rules.

IMG_1794I am very tired now *YAWN*. Can’t wait to go back to Kings Camp tomorrow. It was FUN!!!

TOP TIP: Take two snacks – you will be starving in the afternoon after all that running around!

Kings Camps Review


When I first arrived today, I was put into Group Two. This meant we did rugby, bench ball, hockey, rounders. My favourite sport today was bench ball because my team won every time except the last two. Somebody was on the bench from each team they have to throw the ball to their team players. If they catch the ball they get to go on the bench. The team with all their players on the bench first is the winner. I learned in Rugby that you can only throw backwards and to the side of you, you can’t throw forwards.

We played Ackie Jackie 123. What you had to do is two people count to 30 while the others hide. Once they come and look for you run to the safety zone and say “Ackie Jackie 123” and then you are safe. If you are tagged by the person who is “it” then you have to count to 30 on the next round. One person chased me around the whole playground and I was out of breath.

In extended hours, I played tennis (my favourite) with a coach. I felt really happy about going to Kings Club today.


It was Wet Wednesday today! We had to bring spare clothes because we were going to get really wet. In the morning, I played tennis and basketball. After lunch, some people got changed into their spare clothes some stayed in the clothes they were wearing. It was raining pretty hard when we were just about to start. The coaches had to make up a dance for a competition. One of the coaches fell over and the water bucket fell all over Tom. He had a big patch of water all over his T-shirt.  We played time bomb and you had to throw a water balloon to the person next to you and if you dropped it you had to count to 10. The person holding it when you said ten had a balloon popped on your head. I had the balloon on my head once. They made a video with them popping the balloon on your head and they chose me in particular, I don’t know why. It was freezing cold water, as cold as snow.

Kings Camps Review

We had to sit in front of a table, three at a time and you had to throw a ball onto a cup of cold water and it will fall down onto the person in front of the table. The last game we played was where you had to stand on the bench behind the crash mat. You had wet sponges and water pistols and there was a ball to the left of the crash mats. You needed to run and get the ball and while you were doing that you get sprayed with water by sponges and water pistols. That was the end of the cold part. I was absolutely soaking, everything was wet!

Top Tip: Take a complete change of clothes as you will get really wet. You might even need a change of knickers!


In the morning when I came, I was determined to get Star of the Day. I played with a basketball. We did tennis, dodgeball  benchball and we practiced our Viking challenge. In the afternoon, I got Star of the Day. I was quite shocked As well a certificate, you got to look after the teddy for the night. I got Jerrefry Red Neck. He was very soft and cuddly.Kings Camps Review


I was really sad it was the last day, but I knew it would be a fun day. In the morning, we played parachute games and badminton. After lunch, I was really excited about the Viking Challenge. When it started I felt quite shy as there were quite a few parents there. We were all in teams. I was in Blue Barbarians. We had a necktie around our heads and had to chant “Blue, Blue Barbarians!” My leader was Charlotte. We played lots of different games against the other teams. It was quite funny when our coach was eliminated. We had to join the other teams to defeat the Viking King.

Kings Camps Review

My sister Charlotte helped us build a Viking Longboat in one of the games. We did a tug of war, I had to be in both sets because I was 8. My mum did the tug of war with the other parents against the coaches. The parents won! My favourite part of the challenge was the ball game at the end. You had to get all the balls onto the other side of the rope to defeat the coaches. My sister Rose helped me do that. I was pleased we beat the Viking King. JoJo was crowned the new Queen.Kings Camps Review

After that we had half an hour free time with our parents. I showed my mum how much I had learned. We played basketball and tennis. My sisters enjoyed playing on the crash mats and with a bouncy ball. They want to go next year. I do too!

Kings Camps Review

I had the best time at Kings Camps. I loved playing all the sports and making new friends. I learned how to shoot a basketball, play cricket, how to throw a rugby ball and that it doesn’t matter if you don’t win, you can still have fun. Most of all, I learned how much I love sport and that I want to do more of it in the future.

Disclaimer: We were given a week at the camp for the purposes of this review.

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