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Keeping Safe While Keeping Fit

So now January is over and we can heave a huge sigh of relief, it is time to check in to see how the New Years Resolutions are going. Like many people, our family resolution was to exercise more as a family. Although, the weather is bad we have got out on bikes, gone trampolining and jogging as well as more family walks. We have used this handy infographic from Slater & Gordon about how to make 2018  your safest year yet. Here are some good tips for keeping safe while exercising with your family.

Be Safe Be Seen

If you are out walking or jogging with your family then make sure you are all visible. Ensure children have bright reflective clothing especially if you are going somewhere with poor visibility. Busy city streets and quiet country roads can be equally dangerous. If you are on a bike make sure it has reflectors on the wheels and bright lights if you are going out after dark. Just like with a car these need to be checked before every journey.

Listen to Safety Instructions

There are so many fun and adventurous activities for families to try these days. You can go climbing, bounce on a trampoline, go skiing, ice skating or try water sports. These are dangerous activities so you must spend the time watching the provided safety videos and reading advice online and on signs around the area. Young children will need to be very clear about the rules and why they are in place so talk to them before your visit. Teenagers feel invulnerable and need to be reminded what the risks are.  Make sure everyone wears the correct safety kit. Helmets, gloves, knee pads and shin pads might not look cool but will protect you from serious injury.

First Aid Kit

It is always better to be prepared. If you are going out on a day trip or to exercise then a small first aid kit in your bag and purse can really help when there is an emergency. You can leave a bigger First Aid Kit in the car. You can watch First Aid videos online or do a course to ensure you know what to do if someone in your family has an accident. It is also worth talking to children about what to do so they can help too.

Stay Connected

One of the best things about the advent of mobile phones is that they allow us to stay connected. You can ring for help straight away if you have an emergency. Make sure your phone is adequately charged before leaving the house and you can also carry a power pack in case you run out of battery. Again check that children know how to use a phone and who to call in case they need help. Do they know their phone number? Do they know how to contact the Emergency Services and what to say?

Hopefully, these steps should ensure you stay safe and have fun and keep healthy as a family.

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