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Justin Fletcher ‘Hands up’ album – giveaway

Hands up who would like to win a copy of Justin Fletcher’s debut album ‘Hands up’? Do you see what I did there? Clever huh?!

This is a fun album from the CBeebies presenter which is perfect for the car, a party or just for dancing around your living room. It is packed full of classic children’s songs which have been given a dance beat. The twins love the single ‘hands up’ which is a highly addictive dance number. Before it’s even finished they shout ‘again’ and stand next to the CD player expectantly.

For a long time I’ve been looking for a workout I can do during the day with the children. Walking is good, but they don’t like being in the pram for long. This CD may have the answer. Children love to dance, and what better way to get fit than with them. Steven Teasdale, a personal trainer whose celebrity clients included GMTV presenter Fiona Philips, has put together a fun exercise program to go with the album. He says that if you danced to the CD for the full forty minutes this is equivalent low-impact aerobic exercise to a brisk walk or dancing. For a 200lb adult would generally burn off 350 calories which is equivalent to a bag if kettle chips or a glass of wine. If you follow his exercise program then it would burn 420 calories which is equivalent to a pain au chocolat and a skinny latte. Result!

Steven has Vlogged about this here. Find him on twitter @thestayathomept

Here are his ideas to make the Album more high impact:

“Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush”

The key to making this song more high impact aerobically is for adults to keep fit together and “jump” around the Mulberry bush to the beat of the music, rather than just “walking around”. This would make the motion during the song, similar to skipping, which if carried out for 3 minutes (the duration of the song), is a GREAT cardio work out.

“The Hokey Cokey”

I suggest holding light weights while doing the actions to give the arms a work out (you can use wrist weights orthere are objects all around the house you can use as weights) while making a punching action for the left and right arm “in/out” sequence.
Also, when you do the Hokey Cokey, you should be jumping, legs together, into the middle, rather that just walkingforwards and backwards.
The “knees bend, arms stretch, rah rah rah” part can incorporate a squat.
For the part where you put your left leg in and take your left leg out, adults could perform a lunge, which works the Glutes.

“The Laughing Policeman”
Marching on the spot during the verses with high knees is an excellent cardio work out, but the key to this song is holding a plank position for the duration of the policeman’s laugh. Four 15second bursts of laughter, which is a great core, work out and the kids will love seeing you trying not to laugh.

“Heads Shoulders Knees And Toes”
A classic song for bending, stretching and touching your toes but we could make it a bit harder by doing dynamic squats.

Finally, the title song “Hands Up” is such a good dance tune that you can do all kinds of high impact dance moveswith jumps etc that will really get the heart and lungs working!

How many calories extra calories will dancing with a
duck on your head burn?

You can get a copy of the album at Amazon where its priced at £8.99 or if you prefer HMV
Or even Sainsburys It is available from March 5th.

Enter Here: 

To win a copy of the album all you have to do is leave a comment below sharing a tip for how you get fit with the kids.

For an extra entry: tweet the following message and leave a comment below to say you’ve done it:

“I want to win a copy of Justin Fletcher’s album with @1978rebecca and @_JustinFletcher #handsupjustin #win #giveaway”

The competition closes on March 5th to celebrate the album being released.

Good luck!

This competition is now closed. 

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