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Jungle Dogs Hot Dogs – Review

Are you looking for easy mid-week meals to make the kids when they get home from school. I always feel like I am rushing in the middle of the week and there isn’t time to cook something fancy. I still want the family to have something tasty and healthy but often find I have run out of food, especially meat by the end of the week. Jungle Dogs hot dogs seem to be the answer.

Jungle Dogs

In the holidays we were invited to an amazing event at Longleat to try this new product. Jungle Dogs are chilled hot dogs which are available in Tescos and only cost £1.20. They are really versatile and can be added to pasta or stews and have a delicious smoked flavour. We tried lots of different cold recipes on the day. The skewers went down very well as did hummus wraps.

Jungle Dogs hot dogs

I am always looking for new things to put in sandwiches for school lunches and as all my girls love sausages they will really enjoy hot dog sandwiches – it feels like a treat for them too. What they don’t know is actually these hot dogs are pretty healthy. They have a lot more pork in them than their leading competitor – 85% meat and they are surprisingly low in fat. So one less thing to feel guilty about

Jungle Dogs hot dogs

While we were there we did lots of fun jungle themed activities, including colouring books and puzzles from Grafix.


Jungle Dogs hot dogs

The girls were delighted to find the puzzles and games in their goody bags at the end of the event.

Girls 5


They also had the cutest jungle themed onesies ever. Charlotte looked very cute as a kangaroo.

Jungle Dogs hot dogs

Molly didn’t take her cat onesie off all day even though it was such a warm day. She was finally persuaded when she got to the climbing frame and realised she would get stuck unless she took it off.

Girls 6

The girls enjoyed being photographed by the official photographer.

Girls 4

I’m not sure if he enjoyed it so much as they wouldn’t stand still!

Girls 3

This is my favourite shot from the day. I think I might have to make it the screen saver on my phone.

Girls 1

We then got to go around Longleat. I have so many great photos from the day that I will have to share them in a separate post.

Jungle Dogs Pizza


Back at home the children were keen to try out some of the recipes. We were given some packs of Jungle Dogs and a recipe book. There are also lots of recipe ideas on the Jungle Dogs Facebook Page. They girls really liked the look of the pizza. We used some ready made pizza bases, a jar of tomato sauce and lots of grated cheese. The girls made some shapes using the hot dog pieces. I liked how easy they are to cut as you can use a normal knife – it makes it great cutting practice. Molly made an M and I helped the twins make some cheeky faces. They tasted really great and the smoky flavour of the hot dogs really added to the taste.


Jungle Dogs Pizza

Disclaimer: We attended a day at Longleat and were given tickets to the park and goody bags. 


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