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Joseph Joseph Shell Digital Scale – Review

Joseph Joseph scales

There are not many products which combine functionality and beauty especially kitchen products. We were sent a set of Joseph Joseph digital scales which do both. I had a set of old fashioned scales with a dial which were very hard to use for the girls when they are baking with me and have been wanting to buy some digital scales for a while so they can start to practice weighing and measuring themselves.

Joseph Joseph scales

These scales are perfect. They are so easy to use with a large LCD screen and you can measure in a variety of units – switching between them easily with a touch of a button. As well as grams, pounds and ounces the scales also measure in fluid ounces and millilitres which is incredibly handy. They are really accurate so it makes following recipes much easier. You can also re-set the scales to zero so you can add more than one ingredient to be measured at once or you could use a different bowl.

Joseph Joseph scales

The best thing about any Joseph Joseph product is the way it looks. It is a sleek and stylish design which would look great on any kitchen table top. I love the way the pan and the scales fit together like a shell. There are two colours – grey or white and it is hard to choose between them. In some ways it’s easy to think that it doesn’t matter how a functional product like this looks. However, we use scales nearly every day – they are the things which should look good as you see them the most often so will give the most pleasure.

Joseph Joseph scales

The scales cost £48 and I think this is a great price for such a quality product. I can tell they will last and we will be making cakes with them for many years to come.

Joseph Joseph scales

We were sent the scales from Amara, a life style and living website. This is packed full of amazing and stylish high end products for every room in the house. I could browse there all day and it is especially good if you love designer products or are looking for a special present. The service was excellent and the website is really easy to navigate. Sleek and stylish – much like the products they have on sale.

Disclosure: I was sent the scales for the purposes of this review. 

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