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Jolly Santa from Hotel Chocolat – Review

Jolly Santa - Hotel Chocolat

Oh it’s a hard life reviewing chocolate. Ok it’s not but there have to be some perks to the hours and hours slaving away over a key board – typing away until your fingers are sore and bleeding. A Jolly Santa from Hotel Chocolat  is definitely good recompense.

Jolly Santa - Hotel Chocolat

Jolly Santa is 40% milk chocolate, although it tasted a little darker to me. The twins enjoyed it and there wasn’t very much left for me – though don’t feel too sorry for me I did manage to keep a little bit of Santa’s tasty boot. There is minimal packaging and an impressive amount of thick chocolate. The Santa shape is really appealing and would be a lovely present for a teacher or friend or just a treat for the children.

The Jolly Santa costs £6.50 which for me is a bit out my budget – but if anyone wants to buy me any…..

Oh and big apologies to everyone else in the family who were at work and school and didn’t get a look in. We were saving you from yourselves!

Jolly Santa - Hotel Chocolat

Disclaimer: I was sent a Jolly Santa to review. The views are my own and remain honest. 

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