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Jokers Masquerade Costume Review

penguin costume
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Some review offers come just when you need them. I was trying to decide what to wear for sport Relief when Jokers Masquerade contacted me and asked if I wanted to review a costume. We spent a while deciding what to wear. There is so much choice on the website, including a great range of World Book Day costumes  which I will definitely be checking out ready for next month.

We decided that as we were ice skating penguin costumes would be perfect. We were sent an adult and a child penguin costume. They are really lovely and great quality. I was really impressed.

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I was really surprised with how many penguin costumes there were to order at Jokers Masquerade.  The adult costume we chose cost £22.99 and the child £10.99 which seem really great prices. Both costumes consisted of a black and white body suit with a red bow tie. They also had cute yellow flippers which we didn’t wear as they would be a bit dangerous on the ice.

penguin costume

The costumes were very lightweight and easy to wear. They fit over our normal clothes which meant they were easy to put on. They didn’t feel at all itchy.  I liked the flippers which had a hole so you could take your hand out if you need to. The face of the penguin was really cute and friendly looking.

penguin costume

I was really impressed with the service at  Jokers Masquerade. The costumes arrived quickly and there really is a costume for everyone and every occasion.