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Jo Jo Bows Deluxe Bow Maker

I wasn’t surprised when the girls got into the Jo Jo Bow craze. They are big and bright with plenty of sparkles and remind me of a cheerleaders bow. I knew they would love to review a Jo Jo Bows Deluxe Bow Maker. If you haven’t seen these bows (I don’t know how you’ve missed them they are huuuge!) then they are large bows sported by kids favourite JoJo Siwa.

The bow maker is a great idea as you can make bows in all your favourite colours. You can have them match your outfit. The bow maker comes with everything you need to make and display your own bows and even has two super cute fluffy pom pom key rings to keep as well. We were really pleased that you could make so many bows straight away and the materials are all readily available so you can keep on making them afterwards.

The bow maker is suitable for ages 5+, however, younger children will need a bit of help to make the bows as it is a little bit fiddly. For an older child, teenager or adult the instructions were simple to follow and the bows were quick and easy to make. It was actually really satisfying.

You simply follow the pattern to wrap the ribbon around the bow maker. The hardest part is tying it all together. There is a thin piece of ribbon which you use to finish the bow. It would have been helpful if this was a  bit longer as it was quite hard to tie. The bows are then attached to one of the clips. They do need to be attached at a bit of an angle but once they are on you don’t really notice.

The girls loved to personalise their bows with the gem stickers and the little Jo Jo tags.

The set comes with a special hanger to display all your bows. The girls were very proud of their collection.

We were also sent a Jo Jo Siwa umbrella – perfect to protect your bows if you are caught in a rain shower!

The girls decided to make bows for all their dolls so they could match.

If your children have a Jo Jo Bow addiction then this is really good value for money as you can make so many. I’m also planning to use the bow maker to make bows to decorate my Christmas presents.

This set costs just £14.95. I think this is an amazing price for what you get as ribbon can be quite expensive. The ribbon in the set is really pretty with lots of bright colours. It would be a fun idea for a party as each child would have a bow to take home. It would also be a lovely present. My girls had a wonderful time making bows, it was the perfect activity for a gloomy afternoon.

Disclaimer: we were sent the bow maker for the purposes of this review. 

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