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Jewelry Basics: How To Choose the Right Metal for You

Jewelry Basics: How To Choose the Right Metal for You
Jewelry Basics: How To Choose the Right Metal for You

Was there a time when you wore a necklace or sported a bracelet that didn’t complement you as well as you thought? Or maybe you gravitate towards white gold versus yellow gold and never know why.

While there isn’t an exact science to accessorizing with metallic jewelry, we’ll show you the connection between skin undertone and how to choose the right metal for you here.

The Importance of Skin Undertone

It’s vital to note that skin undertone and skin color are separate elements. Skin undertone refers to the subtle notes of melanin content present in the skin that remain regardless of its interaction with the environment.

Melanin also contributes to skin color. But undertones stay unchanged whether you have a tan or not. This feature places most people in one of two categories: cool or warm. As you might guess, different metals either clash or complement undertones.

How To Determine Skin Undertone

There are two methods you can use to determine your skin undertone. We’ll go over them below.

Use Your Wardrobe

What primary shades and hues populate your wardrobe? People with warmer undertones tend to prefer earthy colors like gold, coral, olive green, and turquoise. These individuals also prefer and look best in pure white clothing over cream or beige.

On the other hand, preferring cream pieces over white and leaning towards hues like royal purple, royal blue, and emerald green might mean you have a cool undertone.

Look at Your Veins

Another way to discover your skin undertone is to look at your veins. People with cooler undertones have blue or purple veins. On the other hand, people with green veins have warmer undertones.

You can also identify your skin undertone using your hair color. If your hair falls into the red or strawberry blonde category, the chances are that you have a cool undertone. Those with black and brown hair tend to have warmer undertones.

Matching Jewelry Metals to Your Undertone

After using the previously mentioned techniques, if you fall into the cooler category, consider white metals like platinum, silver, and white gold as the optimal metal choices. If your skin undertone falls into the warmer category, you can select copper, yellow gold, bronze, and iron as suitable selections.

No matter your undertone, remember to protect your jewelry and other precious items so that they’ll last you a long while.

While your skin’s undertone and color play a role when you’re choosing the right metal for you, your jewelry preferences ultimately lie in what you feel confident in. Regardless of the accessory’s color, you should sport your fashion proudly!

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