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Jawsome Sharks with Play doh​ at the Sea Life Centre

One of the best things about visiting The Sealife Centre Birmingham is how regularly the displays and attractions are changed. It makes an annual pass really good value for money as there is always something new to see and do. Running until 10th March is the Jawsome Sharks event in conjunction with Play-doh. There are lots of different sharks to see including the Black-tip Reef Shark, Nurse Shark and Zebra Shark.

When you arrive at the Sea Life Centre make sure you pick up a challenge sheet and look for the clues as you go round. The clues are in the shape of giant model shark teeth. If you find them all then you can collect your own pot of play-doh to make a model shark at home.

The girls love the opportunity of getting up close to the fish. There are tunnels to explore and you can even stroke a starfish.

We loved seeing the sharks up close, especially after learning so many interesting facts about them from Professor Finn.

We loved seeing the adorable sea horses. They are my favourite sea creature and there were more to sea horse enclosures to see this time.

There is quite a lot of work going on at The Sea-life Centre and we can’t wait to see what new changes there will be. We did feel the whole experience was much quicker than usual as some of the route is not available and in total spent about an hour and a half at the centre.

There is already a fantastic new area for the jellyfish which you can see the jellyfish light up in different colours while you wait to see the 4D film. Splash and Bubbles: 4-D Undersea Adventure is one of the best 4D shows we have been to. It is a sweet film about Dunk the pufferfish who travel under the sea to find his special pebble. The special effects are great with motion, lots of bubbles, blasts of air and water.

We love the 360 degree tunnel at The Sealife Centre. It really feels like you are under the sea. It’s a bit scary taking the first step as the glass is so transparent it is invisible. We saw lots of fish and sharks as well as the wonderful giant turtle.

A friendly penguin came to say goodbye at the end of our visit.

The Jawsome Sharks event is happening at the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham 9th February 2019 until 10th March 2019.

You can also find it at in these Sea Life centres
Loch Lomond – 09.02.19 until 06.05.19
Manchester – 08.02.19 until 06.05.19
Birmingham – 09.02.19 until 10.03.19
Bray – 16.02.19 until 06.05.19
London – 16.02.19 until 24.02.19
Weymouth – 16.02.19 until 06.05.19
Blackpool – 16.02.19 until 06.05.19
Brighton – 23.03.19 until 06.05.19
Great Yarmouth -23.03.19 until 06.05.19
Scarborough – 23.03.19 until 06.05.19
Hunstanton – 23.03.19 until 06.05.19

Children under 3 – Free
Children aged 3-14 years – £9.95 for general admission, £6.97 online price
Adults (15 years and older) – £13.95 for general admission, £9.77 online price

Disclaimer: We were given a family ticket for the purposes of this review.

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