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Jack’s Mega Machines – Book Review

Jack's Mega Machines

Jack’s Mega Machines: The Rocket Racer

Jack's Mega Machines

By Alison Ritchie and Mike Byrne

For ages 3-5

It is World Space week this week and Jack’s Mega Machines by Alison Ritchie fits in brilliantly. Molly has just started getting interested in space and her imagination was fired by this fun adventure with Jack and his pet dog.

Jack zooms off on his rocket racing car and gets invited to join an intergalactic rally. The story is lots of fun with a whole host of crazy alien characters, some spiky, some spotty some small and blobby.

I love the full-page illustrations in this book. They are like a cartoon in style and really eye-catching. It would definitely appeal to a child who loves machines and space.

Jack's Mega Machines

An added bonus to this book is that is comes with a cardboard toy rocky. This is simple to make and is a mini version of the one in this story. This is such a great idea for encouraging children to act out the story. The girls really loved whizzing around the room with it.

Jack's Mega Machines

It would work well in a Space Sensory Box. Look out for how we made one later today.

Space Sensory Bin

You can also buy Jack’s Mega Machines: The Dinosaur Digger

Jack's Mega Machines: The Dinosaur Digger

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