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It’s the little things – 6 simple ways you can save money in 2019

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IPayday – also known as paying out day. Most of us have very little to play with for the rest of the month once all the bills and direct debits have come out. But with the new year in full swing, and Spring (finally) on the way – you might have all kinds of things planned for the year ahead. From family holidays in the UK or abroad, to weekends away with your partner or friends, spa days with your mum, festivals in the summer or days out with the kids during the summer holidays. With so much to look forward to, you might be on the lookout for ways you can save a little bit of cash.

So, you’re in luck! Read on for 6 super simple ways you can save money in 2019!


If you’re looking for something to cash in on a rainy day, rather than a quick cash fix then check out Golden Eagle Coin, or brush up on your stocks and shares knowledge, or get a new savings account or ISA and add a little into it each and every month. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount, every little helps when it comes to saving. 

Get a better phone deal

Stuck with thousands of minutes and texts each month? Still got mountains of data that your usage doesn’t even come close to? Maybe you should think about changing your contract. We’re usually so excited to get a new phone, we simply go for what we think is the best value for money at the time. Loads of minutes and texts for that price? Sure! Take a good look at your monthly usage and see if you could benefit from a different tariff. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save.

Don’t diss own brands

More and more of us are turning to cheaper supermarkets to save money. But if you still like to shop at the big names then give using their own brands a go. Everything from crisps and milk to shampoo and paracetamol – most of these things have the same ingredients – just simpler packaging. You’ll save more than you think!

Don’t let fuel drive you crazy

Fuel prices are always on the rise, and it seems like we’re getting less and less for our money. So, before you head to the nearest pumps, do a bit of research and find the cheapest garage. Just make sure you plan your journey in advance!

Your heating

Got a spare bedroom or utility room that’s barely used? Why spend money heating it? Try turning it down to its lowest setting to reduce the energy consumption. 

Stop draughts

You can have the most efficient heating in the world, but if you feel a draught around your feet then you’re going to turn it up. Covering the bottom of doors with draught excluders, even covering keyholes on an evening and those annoying draughty windows with foam insulation or even tape. 

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