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Iphone Case Review

I have been wanting a new case for my iPhone for a while. I am pretty nervous about it getting broken. To be honest carrying something so expensive around with me all the time is really stressful. I have a scarred history of losing phones and breaking the screen of apple products.

I just got my new iPhone case from caseapp and I’m really pleased with it. I wanted a photo case so I could always have a photo to hand. It took ages to choose a photo. I don’t have a great photo of the girls that is recent but the one I chose is a favourite as it has all my favourite people in it. It also is one of the few portrait orientated photos I have – most are landscape and I thought a portrait photo would look best.

Iphone case

The website is very easy to navigate and it was delivered incredibly quickly.  I think the 3D preview is really great as you can really see what you are getting. It only takes a couple of seconds to upload a photo too so it’s easy to try a few before you find what you like. I also like the fact you can pay with palpal as that makes it so easy to pay and you can take comfort that it is secure.

Iphone case

The hard case costs £19 which for a customised product is incredibly reasonable. To get a skin is only £12. This is brilliant because it means you can easily change it if you get bored. You don’t have to use your own photo either as there are some great designs on the site to chose from.

Iphone case

The case fits really snugly and looks great. It is very hard and definitely won’t crack if I drop it. Which I won’t of course *gulp*. It is also free shipping which is great as sometimes that comes as a surprise when it’s added at the end! A brilliant service all round.

Disclaimer: I was sent the case for the purposes of this review. 

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