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Inside Snow Play

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This morning my daughter has run into school, full of excitement to tell her teacher that we have lots of snow in the freezer and we’re going to play with it later. I’m sure they’re going to think I’ve finally lost my mind completely. However I think it’s a genius idea and I wish I had known about it last year. I have to thank the internet for the idea, what would I do without parenting blogs and pinterest? Here’s our take on the inside snow play idea!

snow play

Bring The Ouside Inside

Basically the idea is you bring some snow inside to play with, a bit of sensory fun for little ones, although I have to admit that there was something really soothing about playing with it. We spent the whole morning outside and after lunch the girls were really cold and didn’t want to put all their winter clothes again. Yet I knew by the morning the snow would have gone so it was perfect to bring some inside.

Indoor Snow Play Is Great Because Smaller Is Better!

There is something different about snow play in the house. Outside you tend to make big things like snowmen you don’t really get close to the snow to investigate it. Although it is cold to touch as long as you dress warmly and use spoons or other implements to make with you don’t really feel the cold.

snow collage

Here are some of the things we did with the snow:

  • used happy land figures to make a small world
  • make a habitat for a polar bear
  • added food colouring
  • made snow castles using bowls and plastic tubs
  • watched as it melted
  • made pretend ice cream using a melon baller
  • used cookie cutters and jelly moulds

The best thing is, even though the snow has melted we still have a box of snow in the freezer to play with. No tears!

snow play

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