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Importance Of Leather Sectional Sofas in A Modern Living Room

It is true that vegetarianism and veganism are on the rise. This has led to literal attacks on people wearing fur and hatred of leather furniture. However, this ignores the fact that leather can be ethically sourced, and you can buy faux-leather options if that’s your preference. Let’s learn more about the importance of leather sectional sofas in a modern living room. 


Real leather lasts several times longer than cloth. It won’t wear down as fast as people sit on it. The only exception to this is that leather can be more easily scratched. If you keep pets with claws off of it and don’t puncture it with your keys, leather is often a better overall value because it lasts longer. This is also why leather furniture is associated with quality as well as luxury. After all, you had to pay more than average for that leather office chair than the plastic one. 


Leather should cover the best sectional sofa for your living room. That’s because it is much easier to clean than a fabric covered sofa. You can often wipe away the spilled food and drink, because the substances rarely seep into the leather. This is why leather sofas are far less likely to discolor due to stains, though they can be discolored by the use of certain cleaning chemicals. The solution to this is using cleaners that won’t discolor the leather like bleach. You can also protect the leather by conditioning it regularly. This has the side benefit of preventing it from drying out and cracking. 

Leather generally just needs a light dusting a couple of times a year. You’ll want to vacuum your upholstery once a month, though it may be needed more often if you eat on the couch, or your pets regularly sit on it. 


Leather has a rich, deep color. It is naturally warm and inviting. While you can’t get leather in hot pink or light blue unless it is obviously dyed, it will look far better than a cloth covering of the same color. If you want a traditional look in your living room or a historic office, leather is the better choice. It adds a sense of elegance. And no modern fabric can truly match it, while faux leathers can be outright uncomfortable to sit on as anyone who got up from a hot plastic seat can attest. 


Leather is the better choice if you’re concerned about your health. For example, leather won’t harbor dust mites the way cloth upholstery will. And note that the dust mites are probably already in your carpets. Furthermore, leather won’t trap pet dander. If there are a few dog or cat hairs on the couch, you can wipe it away rather than having to vacuum it up. Nor will leather upholstery breathe the same way fabrics do, and that is why leather won’t trap mold or smoke particles. In short, leather is hypoallergenic. 

This is aside from the fact that leather is warmer in the winter to sit on than fabric, though this can be an issue in the summer. 

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