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At Here Come the Girls we’re supporting Team GB in the 2012 Olympics. I tried to get tickets but sadly missed out on the lottery, however we’re looking forward to watching the events this summer. We were sent this beautiful supporters scarf from Next and look forward to waving it with pride.

The scarf costs just £5 and all the profits go to support our athletes in their quest for Olympic and Paralympic glory. There is also a larger ParalympicsGB scarf which costs £10. Both have 60 hands printed on them to symbolise the athletes’ sixty million supporters. The hand painted lion is a visual reflection of the courage, talent and determination of the athletes.

We were challenged to show how we would wear and style the scarf. I considered posing myself – for about half a second. Like many mums, I spend far more time thinking about what the little ones are going to wear, and anyway they look far better in photographs. So here are Molly, Charlotte and Rose supporting Team GB in the 2012 Olympics.

We had a bit of a problem as the twins loved wearing the scarf and didn’t want to swap. Our solution was to use a muslin cloth. Not quite as stylish though!
Here is Molly modelling the scarf. I think she will really enjoy watching some of the Olympics this year, especially the swimming events.

There are lots of different ways to wear the scarf but after all I think the best way is just to wave it!

 If you want to have a go then send your picture to Next’s main Wear it, Wave it and Win prize draw page or post it to the competition page

Who loves their scarf?

Disclosure: We were sent a scarf for the purposes of this review. 

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