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Iceland With Children: Fun Activities To Do As A Family

Tucked away in the furthest north of the Atlantic Ocean is the hidden gem of Iceland. A magical country filled with beautiful scenery and natural phenomena. If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle, look no further than to Iceland. A safe country full of places to explore and out-of-the-norm activities, Iceland is bound to be a forever memorable cozy holiday for you and your family.

Whale Watching Cruises

Drop the jaws of your whole family on a sightseeing cruise with the most majestic creatures in the animal kingdom… The whale! Due to little industrial disturbance, these big friendly giants flourish in the pristine waters of Iceland, so you are bound to see a few. It is very common for whales to perform jumps and slap the water, as these sentient creatures enjoy interacting with us. The best time to see these magnificent animals is April to late September.

Bathe in Geothermal Pools

Iceland boasts a ton of geothermal pools, otherwise known as hot springs. These natural wonders are an unbeatable place to steam off whilst soaking in the surrounding landscapes. Hot springs also have many benefits due to the mineral density of the water. The most popular geothermal pool in Iceland is the Blue Lagoon. This stunning mystical pool averages 40°C (104°F) all year round. It is only 15 minutes away from the nearest airport, making it the perfect pit stop after your flight. So, make it an essential to know where to stay at Blue Lagoon before you book your ticket, as they offer two types of accommodations to fit all needs.

Go See the Waterfalls

Iceland wins when it comes to waterfalls on earth, hosting both large and powerful waterfalls, as well as peaceful and tranquil ones too. Iceland has around 10,000 waterfalls! Covering most corners of the country, you will never be stuck when deciding which waterfall to go to. However, the most spectacular waterfalls the natives would agree on would be Godafoss, Svartifoss and Skogafoss.

Walk Inside a Glacier

Stepping inside a glacier will be like stepping into another world. These enormous masses of ice are compressed snow that, over many thousands of years, forms massive cracks and crevasses allowing you and the family to explore inside. Coming in all shapes, sizes and form. Iceland really boasts natures architecture with its glacier’s.

Hiking and Scenery

Most directions you take in Iceland will not take you long before you are in a national park or nature reserve. Embrace as much as you can whilst you are here, as you are spoilt for places to go. Iceland has made a conscious effort to preserve all its natural beauty in its rarest form. A popular hike for many is to see an isolated plane wreck sitting in the middle of nowhere. 

A Few Travel Tips

Iceland is nothing short of a dream world, guaranteed to blow you and your families minds with wonder at awe of its beauty. There are a handful of things worth taking note of before you venture to this utopia.

Embrace the Local Culture – The locals do not appreciate anything more than tourists soaking up their culture. That means trying food, listening to local stories and being respectful of your surroundings. 

Don’t Forget the Camera! – Pack this before anything, you do not want to miss the perfect family picture!

Weather – Make sure to pack tight, the weather can be very cold and sharp. That being said, stay around the hot springs and you should be just fine.

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