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Ice Skating at Webbs of Whychbold

We have often driven past the sign for Webbs of Whychbold and wondered what it was. When we were invited to try out the ice skating experience we had to say yes. My eight-year-old has always loved ice skating, but we haven’t had time to go recently as the twins have been too young and didn’t really like it. I thought it would be a lovely treat for after school and a smaller rink might suit them more.  DSC_0056


I’m so pleased we went because we had a really lovely time. The rink looks so pretty, lit up with fairy lights. It is made in a large marquee to the side of the garden centre and there is a cafe next door so you can enjoy a tasty hot chocolate after your skate. It would be a really romantic place for a date.
skating 3

The twins were a bit nervous at first but they loved the fact there are some skating aids to use. You can hire a penguin which you can push around to give you extra support when you are skating. The twins had bob skates which fit over the top of their shoes and really help beginner skaters. There were also large bananas you can hire which adults can push around and give the children a ride. These were great because grown ups can get a proper skate as well.

skating 4

The rink is large enough to get a little bit of speed up.

skating 5

The twins really loved pushing their penguins around. So much that they didn’t even want to have a ride on the bananas.

skating 6

After about twenty minutes, the girls felt really confident and even skated without their penguins for support. This was a huge leap forward and I was so thrilled they enjoyed it as it means we can go again. This would make a wonderful first skating experience as a family. The magical setting and all the cute things to help children skate make it the perfect place to give skating a try.


Ice skating at Webbs of Whychbold is going to have a firm place on our calendar of festive things to do. Ice Skating tickets cost £7.50 for a child with a family ticket costing £31.50. It would be great combined with picking up your Christmas tree. There is also a grotto where you can have a visit with Santa.We only had time for a quick look around the garden centre but it is definitely somewhere we will visit again. There was so much to do.

skating 2

Disclaimer: We were given a family ticket to try the ice skating for the purpose of this review

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