Ice cream (with the calories of a banana)

Do you love ice cream?
Do you hate the calories and fat content of ice cream?
Do you want to eat ice cream with the same nutritional content as a banana?

Of course you do. This recipe will change your life – I mean it. When I tried this for the first time I could not believe no one had told me about it before. Then I realised nobody knows. Well except Annabel Karmel – where I found this idea. Since then it has been my mission to share this secret with the world.

You will need

  • 1 bunch of bananas

That’s it – all you need to make creamy delicious ice cream. Don’t believe it? I didn’t either – but honestly you have to try it. All you have to do is:

  1. Peel a bunch of ripe bananas. 
  2. Freeze for at least four hours or overnight.
  3. Blend 

I don’t know why it happens but it turns into creamy banana flavoured delight. When I ate it for the first time. I kept thinking someone must have snuck some cream or something into the mix without me looking. Jazz it up with sprinkles or nuts or whatever takes your fancy. If I have time I refreeze it because it makes it a bit more solid. When I served it for my four year old she was so delighted because she thought it was a real treat. Hahaha little does she know there’s only a banana in there.  My take on this recipe is to try mixing other fruit to it. Strawberries work well because they turn it pink. I also sometimes add a bit of milk as the banana can be hard to mix if it’s too frozen.

So there you go – my favourite recipe with only one ingredient. For more recipes with few ingredients head over to Recipeshed:

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