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Humpty Dumpty Egg Shell Collage

Humpty Dumpty collage made from egg shells for Easter

The twins came home from Nursery this week singing Humpty Dumpty. They have been doing lots of nursery rhymes and said this was their favourite and could they make a Humpty Dumpty picture. I was planning on making them scrambled eggs for lunch so kept the egg shells. We gave them a good wash and lay them to dry. I wanted quite big pieces so didn’t cut them too much.

egg shells

I made a Humpty Dumpty template for them to use. Another time I might just give them the materials and see what they create but this time we wanted an end result.

Easter Collage

Rose instantly lost interest in doing this and made her own under the sea collage. Charlotte loved using the gloopy glue and spreading it on the area to work in. I gave her a real paint brush and it made it much easier than with a glue spreader.

Humpty Dumpty art

After that Charlotte stuck on the pieces of egg shell. They need to be pressed hard so they stay stuck down. Charlotte is nearly four and could do this totally independently now.

egg shell art

Once Humpty Dumpty was covered in shell Charlotte added some googly eyes and pipe cleaners for a mouth and eye brows.

egg shell Humpty Dumpty

I wanted to use a pink pipe cleaner for the mouth but she preferred a black one and it did look better.

collage made from egg shells

The legs were made with green felt. You could use painted egg shells if you wanted but I liked the different textures. I cut out four rectangles for the arms and legs using the same piece of felt. Charlotte chose all the colours.

Humpty Dumpty collage

The only bit I did was the bow as that was a bit tricky. Charlotte added some buttons and black felt for feet and a small piece of egg shell for the hands.

pattern making

Charlotte’s favourite part was the wall. I cut her some rectangles of red craft foam and she stuck them onto some shiny card. Charlotte loved doing this so much that after we had finished Humpty Dumpty she got me to cut her lots of rectangles and she stuck them in a pattern on some card.

pattern making

While she was doing that I cut out the Humpty Dumpty and stuck him onto the card. He looks very unhappy but I suppose that’s what happens if you go around sitting on walls.

Humpty Dumpty collage made from egg shells for Easter

We took part in a lovely hangout featuring lots of Nursery Rhymes. Watch it here:

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