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HP Instant Ink Review

HP Instant Ink

Do you use a lot of printer ink? If so it has a great knack for running out just when you need to print an important document. HP Instant Ink is a service designed to make sure you always have printer ink. It’s a really great idea and would be so brilliant if you work from home or have a small business or if your family gets through lots of printer cartridges each month. It will definitely save you money.

HP Instant Ink

HP Instant Ink arrives in a small package straight to your door so you don’t have to go out and buy it. I always get to the shop and forget what printer I have so this is great for me. By signing up for the HP Instant Ink program, customers are able to print black and white or colour documents and photos for as little as £1.99 per month, with plans based on pages printed, not amount of ink used.

A tiered pricing model is available and unused pages roll over from month to month, although they can never exceed the total pages of the current plan to which a customer is subscribed (50, 100 or 300 pages).Users can also adjust their plan to their needs or cancel the plan at any time, meaning they will always have ink when they need it. For those ad-hoc months when a few additional pages are required, customers can also pay an additional fee of just £1 to release 15, 20 or 25 pages against the consecutive tariffs listed below.

Pricing is as follows:

£1.99/month for Occasional Printing (50 pages per month)

£3.49/month for Moderate Printing (100 pages per month)

£7.99/month for Frequent Printing (300 pages per month)

HP Instant Ink

HP Instant Ink is now available in Dixons Retail (PC World) and John Lewis retail stores nationwide. HP Instant Ink is compatible with a range of existing HP printers available. I am really impressed with this service and I think it will save people a lot of stress as well as money too. 

Disclaimer: I was sent a trial version of the Instant Ink service

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