HP Envy 4500 Printer Review

This month we have been reviewing the HP Envy 4500 printer. This is a great all in one printer which is incredibly affordable. It costs just £49 which makes it a good option for families or for buying for a student to take to university. The ink cartridges only cost £16 for two which is also very reasonable and they are easy to buy.

HP Envy 4500

The printer looks good. It has a sleek black finish and although it contains a scanner and copier as well it is quite compact. HP Envy 4500I am really impressed with this printer. It is the budget option however it really doesn’t feel like that. It was very easy to set up and once you are going you can print remotely from all your devices. This is so helpful and save lots of time. You don’t have to spend ages connecting wires and cables.
HP Envy 4500

The printer takes HP 301 cartridges. These are very easy to fit and seem to last a long time. The draft function on the printer is really good and means you can print lots of pages really quickly without using too much ink. If you print a lot then you can sign up to HP Instant Ink which is delivered to your door every month.

HP Envy 4500


There is a small LCD screen on the printer which lets you choose scanning or copying. There are also several printables you can get straight from the printer which is really helpful when you have kids who are bored.

This is a really great printer for the price. It has all the functions you need and is incredibly easy to use.

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