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How to Tell if You’ve Outgrown Your Current Home

Life is unexpected. Families grow, careers change, and even preferences begin to differ. All of this and more can make you come to the realization that you are running out of home in your home. Your life may have drastically changed since you purchased or rented your first home, and the space you live in is no longer comfortable or compatible with your needs.

If you think you need to start looking at some new options or need to start browsing on some Arlington real estate sites, here are some indications that you may have outgrown your current home.

Change in family size

  • There can be additions of children or even the return of children or relatives that can make things a little crowded. Your two grown children could have moved home and are now squeezing into a two-bedroom apartment or your two-bedroom, one bathroom bachelor pad just isn’t cutting it anymore for your pregnant wife and soon-to-be son. In situations such as these, extra space is not only needed but a must-have for sanity.

There is stuff everywhere

  • Sure, we would love to listen to Marie Kondo and only have things in our home that bring us joy, but sometimes that just isn’t the reality of life. So, if you begin walking around your home and can’t go two feet without tripping on something and there isn’t anywhere to put it when you are straightening up, it may be time to upgrade. People acquire hobbies with equipment, have life experiences that fill up photo albums, and need new work clothes. Purging unneeded things is great, but parting with everything is unrealistic.

Your home or neighborhood doesn’t fit your lifestyle

  • You may have moved into a neighborhood where the best corner bars are within walking distance because you were young and in love. Now, though still young and in love, the loud music of bars isn’t great for your sleeping newborn. You may want to move onto a quieter street where you can walk and not see a passed-out college student.

You spend time elsewhere

  • If you are always at a friend’s house in a different neighborhood or constantly visiting family in a different state, it may be time to take a look at where you really want to be. You may just want to be closer to people who can help you or who have the same lifestyle as you which means it may be time to start looking for places to live and work.

Property values are shrinking

  • If the values of homes in your neighborhood are stagnant or decreasing, this may be a warning sign and you might want to start looking into selling your home so you can get the best price. This is only if you have any inkling that you may not want to be there for your whole life. If neighbors are constantly moving in and out and businesses can’t seem to thrive, it is time to settle in another neighborhood or city.

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