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How to Stay Organised as a Busy Mum

When you’re a busy mum, life can constantly feel like its whizzing by at an alarming pace! There never seems to be enough hours in the day, and the house permanently seems to look like a bomb’s gone off, no matter how many times you stop to clean it. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry you’re definitely not alone!

The good news is, there are some tips you can follow to help you to stay organised as a busy mum, and as a result, more in control. Here, you’ll discover some of the best ways to stay organised when you barely have any free time to yourself.

Get the whole family involved in a clean-up operation

There’s a tendency for mums to feel like they have to be able to do it all themselves. When you realise that you don’t, it’s a real game changer. Instead of trying to tidy the entire house by yourself, why not get the family involved?

You can assign certain chores to different members of the family. Even toddlers can be included in the clean-up operation. They could help you put their toys away for example. Giving everyone their own tasks teaches responsibility while also reducing the amount of work you have to do. 

Create a much needed “me” space

Do you find it hard to get a little “me time”? If so, creating a little space dedicated to beauty could be a great idea. Treat yourself to a luxury dressing table from a company such as Cox & Cox. Then, use it to keep all of your beauty products organised. 

Add a vanity mirror and a stool so you can actually spend time making yourself feel good in the morning. Don’t think you have time? Get up earlier! Every mum deserves to have a little me time in the mornings. 

Use a good calendar

It can be difficult keeping up with the family’s schedule. So, you’re going to want to invest in a good calendar. While traditional wall calendars can be great for this, you might want to consider using a calendar app instead. These are teen-friendly, and they allow each member of the family to update the calendar on the move. You’ll always be able to see what everyone is doing and which appointments you need to plan for. 

Take up meal planning

Make your mealtimes super-easy by taking up meal planning. By preparing your meals in advance, you’ll be able to free up time during the week, while still ensuring your family is eating healthy, balanced meals.

These are just some of the best organisation tips busy mums can follow. No matter what you struggle with, you’ll easily find plenty of tips online to help get you more organised. 

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