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How To Redesign Luxury Travel Cottage

Traditional Irish cottages by a beautiful beach are the perfect place for spring and summer
vacation. Redesigning and decorating a beach cottage in a coastal style will make it a lovely space where you can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, and spend the best days of the year in a luxury travel cottage Donegal.

When it comes to setting up a luxury holiday home, a cottage can very much be a blank canvas. Redesigning your luxury travel cottage well and making the most of the space can often be the key to a successful vacation.

What comes to your mind when you think of luxury self-catering holiday accommodation?
Contemporary kitchens furnished with the latest in culinary wizardry? Lavish interiors brimming with plush furnishings? Extravagant extras such as swimming pools, hot tubs, and saunas? Or fine silken bedspreads providing a beautiful and comfortable place to rest your head?

Whatever your thoughts on the luxury holidays, you can expect unique, high quality, and memorable self-catering accommodation and so much more when you rent a traditional Irish thatched cottage with Donegal Thatched Cottages. Our luxury holidays offer comfort and opulence at every turn, providing the perfect place for a week of wellbeing or a romantic break.

Whether you prefer rustic gems hidden in the depths of a wooded area or beachside paradises, holiday cottages should feel like your home away from home – and what better way to do that than incorporating your favorite design ideas?

The cottage decor is usually all about color and comfort, so we have compiled some of the top 10 trends to help you brainstorm great ideas for redesigning your luxury travel cottage.

1. Go Vintage

Get creative with your indoor and outdoor décor. For instance, hanging antique lanterns around your deck is a simple way to create magnificent accents for your cottage exterior while adding character beyond the typical summer décor.

2. Sunroom Décor

For those with a sunroom, consider decorating it with soft pastels and furniture that is not too clunky to keep the space feeling light and airy.

3. Living Room Fireplace

For a winterized cottage (or for those cool summer nights) there is nothing quite like a fireplace for the family to gather around.

4. Stick to Your Theme

For the sake of consistency, choose a theme you like and carry it throughout your entire space.
For example, a seaside blue, white, and natural wood theme always looks chic and fresh.
Whether you are gunning for an uber-contemporary woodland hideaway, a lord of the manor style country look, or the look and feel of a charming and beautiful beach house, the interior of your holiday cottage Donegal should consistently carry your design through every space – including the toilet and bathroom.

5. Go Rustic

Let the natural beauty of a rustic cottage speak for itself by pairing the architecture with simple, classic décor. Consider small art walls, coffee table books, and minimal furniture.

6. Add Plenty of Personal Touches

It is your holiday cottage, so ensure it feels like it. Adding subtle personal touches like memory string filled with photos and cards is a good way to bring your “other” life to your holiday retreat and celebrate family.

7. Barn Doors

Planning to renovate your summer retreat? To ensure your cottage stays on-trend, install sliding wood barn doors to separate main rooms such as the living room from the kitchen.

8. Book Nook

Carve out some space in your holiday cottage where you can get out of the sun, curl up with your favorite book and just unwind. You will not regret creating a quiet book nook, complete with a bookshelf stacked to the top with the latest must-reads.

9. Statement Pieces

Do not be afraid to scatter a variety of unique knick-knacks throughout your holiday cottage to make a bold statement. It is a simple and perfect way to add a little character to your surroundings.

10. Chic Ladder

A rustic wooden ladder readjusted to display family photos or draped in Turkish towels, is a great addition to a bedroom or living room. If you want to give a test run in another part of your cottage, the ladder is easy to pick up and move around.

If you are planning to visit Ireland for your vacation, contact Donegal Thatched Cottages to book your accommodation.

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