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How To Protect High-Traffic Areas in Your Home

How To Protect High-Traffic Areas in Your Home

Every parent of small children knows how hard it is to keep your space tidy. From kids running in and out of the house to pets tracking in grime, it probably feels like you’re constantly cleaning.

However, some parts of your home probably see more muck than others. Many refer to these spaces as “high traffic areas,” with this heavy foot traffic being one of the most common causes of hardwood floor damage. Learning how to protect high-traffic areas in your home will help you maintain a fresh and neat interior.

Keep Dirt Outside

First, you’ll want to minimize as much debris entering your home as possible. Encourage your family members to keep dirt outside by having them remove their shoes before coming inside.

Your entrances and exits will likely see a lot of damage if you don’t keep things clean. Purchase a cute shoe rack to keep in front of your entryways so that everyone knows where to put their shoes. You could even design and build one with your family to get everyone engaged in the process.

Clean the Area Often

If you want to protect high-traffic areas in your home, you’ll need to clean them often. Keeping shoes out of your house isn’t enough to maintain a fresh space. Develop a routine that allows you to get ahead of the mess before it gets out of control.

Sweep your floors every day to get rid of anything that made it inside. If your area has carpet, vacuuming daily will refresh the material and remove and set in dirt or pet hair. Busy parents might consider investing in a robotic vacuum to take care of problem areas automatically.

Use Protective Décor

Sometimes, you need some extra help protecting your high-traffic spaces. Boost your defenses by investing in some double-duty décor.

Door mats, rugs, and floor runners create a barrier between dirty little feet and your floors. Not only do these décor items provide extra protection, but they also look great! There are so many styles on the market, so find one that matches your interior aesthetic.

Choose the Right Materials

If you’re expecting to run an active household, your home materials could be your most vital asset. Swapping your flooring for a more durable, mess-resistant option is an excellent idea for first-time home renovations. These projects improve your living conditions and your home design at the same time.

It’s no secret that carpets are hard to manage. Consider removing them from your high-traffic areas and replacing them with sturdy hardwood. If you still want carpeted floors, consider replacing your light one with a fabric with darker colors to hide stains and messes better.

Having a well-lived-in home is nothing to feel ashamed of. However, with a little bit of work, you can have a beautiful home that is both clean and comfortable.

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