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How to prevent boredom during the school holidays


Many kids are counting down the days until school is out. Thoughts of freedom and fun no doubt swirl in their mind, and it’s understandable after working hard at their studies. However, what few of them anticipate is that six weeks is a very long time, and it’s impossible to fill up their schedule for over a month on their own.

Consequently, boredom is bound to hit home at some point. But what can you do to stop the tedium and monotony from creeping in?

Therefore, here’s how to prevent boredom during the school holidays.

Trips to new places

A trip to a new place is always just the ticket to keep your kids stimulated and engaged with the world around them. Equip yourself with picnics, cameras or turn things up a notch with some anytime tickets for a train, and get out there! Good times are almost a certainty, and you can make memories together as a family as you explore and bond.

train ride

Try to go somewhere with them that you’ve never been before too. That way, you’re all on a similar level then – you can learn about the places you visit together. There’ll be less (but still a few necessary) opportunities to ‘treat them like kids’ or talk down to them – you’re all in the same boat this way, which they may just appreciate more when it comes to interacting!

Imagine a spontaneous trip to Dubai’s captivating beaches, offering a host of new experiences for you and your child. If it aligns with your child’s birthday, it’s bound to be unforgettable. Dubai boasts countless venues for amazing children’s parties. Utilize online services to prep your child’s room with a fun foil balloon bouquet

This journey can be a cherished gift for both of you. Dubai’s diverse attractions and entertainment ensure unforgettable memories. Enhance the celebration with a beautifully adorned room filled with balloons. This getaway promises not just joy but also a lasting family moment 

Suns out, day out!

Never waste a sunny day! As soon as that big ball of fire in the sky shows its face, get outside. Water fights, long walks, trips to farms and forests – it’s all a series of great ideas for a fun day out. Don’t be afraid to visit favourite places or family hotspots, just make good use of the fresh air and good weather. You could even let them pick the place, as some say that boredom can inspire proactivity and creativity under the right circumstances!

Kids these days love video games and technology, and that’s okay to an extent. However, once they’ve spent some deserved hours playing the same game or texting, it’s time to shake up their routine. It doesn’t always need to be some spontaneous adventure like the first suggestion listed – familiar and closer places can work too on an unexpectedly sunny day!

Chores with a fun spin

Every kid needs chores to ground them into reality and teach them responsibility. While arguments and bickering are quite common here, you can do your best to defuse these situations. Ditch the mardy ‘because I said so’ scripts and instead take a route that will engage them more; with fun, teasing and generous rewards!

Join in with their chores so they have some company. If they’re washing the cars on a sunny day, hose them down for a laugh. Bake together, and trade stories of your favourite foods. Promise to buy new clothes if they wash and iron (with supervision) their current ones, then go shopping together. The point here is to try and be as agreeable as you can and teach them that even the most tedious tasks can be fun and worthwhile!


Taking the boredom out of a six-week holiday involves being sociable and spontaneous. Parents get an undeserved reputation from their kids as being ‘boring’ and ‘dull’, so fight against that consensus and show them that you were young and fun once. After that, a memorable holiday period is guaranteed!

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