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How to Preserve Memories from Travels with Family

Looking for the perfect way to make your family travels more special? Keep on reading and learn from some of the tips we’ll be sharing. Doing these things will help you create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

Create a Photo Album 

Photo printing is one of the easiest ways to make travel memories more special. Even in the age of Instagram and Facebook, print isn’t dead. By printing photos, you can create more tangible recollections of the fun that you had as a family. Aside from photos, add captions to transform your photo album into a storybook. 

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Take Videos 

While a photo album is a great way to make tangible memories, it will also be good if you can take videos of your family trip. Years from now, when you look at the videos, you will see how much everyone has changed! 

Display a Map at Home 

To help kids preserve their travel memories, a good idea is to hang a big map at the wall in their room. Add a pin to the map and a string that connects to a picture from that specific location. This photo collection will grow larger as you travel to more places. More than preserving memories, this can be an inspiration to explore more of the world. 

Have a Memory Jar

A memory jar is pretty much a straightforward concept. It is a big jar and here, you will keep small things that will remind you of your family travels. For instance, it can contain plain tickets and attraction passes to theme parks. It can also have small souvenirs from your trips. After several years, looking at the contents of the jar will surely bring back happy memories. 

Make a Shadow Box 

Learning how to make a shadow box is easy. Go online and you will find lots of available tutorials. It is one of the most creative ways to preserve and display memories of your family vacations. Have the kids involved to make the shadow box more special. Here, you can display small objects from your travels.

Collect Postcards 

If you are looking for cheap souvenirs from family travels, it’s hard to go wrong with a postcard. Do not pick a postcard with a generic design. Choose one with photos of your favorite attractions. Look for a design that evokes a different kind of emotion. After several years, looking at these postcards will make you reminisce about the happy times your family had. 

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Write a Journal 

If your family loves writing, or if you want to teach your kids the value of writing, keep a journal. You don’t have to write daily. Instead, after every vacation, sit down with the kids and everyone should write the best things that happened during the trip. The journal will be a solid reminder of how happy you were during your travels. 

Go beyond uploading your photos in your social media accounts if you want to immortalize your family travels. From a photo album to a journal, consider our suggestions above on how you can preserve travel memories.

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