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How to Make Your Eco-Conscious Family Travel More Active and Fun



Everywhere you look, there are countless pieces of advice on how to be a more conscious traveller. That’s actually great, considering that we all need to take a moment and try to be more eco-friendly even when we’re far away from home. Yet, traveling consciously doesn’t have to be boring because there are ways to make your eco-friendly trips more engaging and fun. If you’re already planning to take a trip somewhere, it’s important to try to be as eco-friendly as possible, but also, here are some ways to have fun and be more active:

1. Hiking can be fun

If you find yourself somewhere new, hiking with your kids can be a great way to explore a new city while also being eco-conscious. Driving around can be more convenient, but the cars are big contributors to pollution, so if you want to sell your car then walking can be a great substitute. Besides, hiking can be great for your body shape and overall health. You just need to invest in quality memory foam shoes for you and your kids, and enjoy the scenery. Also, nowadays hiking is easier than ever since there are so many apps that can be helpful if you get lost. You don’t even need an Internet connection since many of these apps allow the option to download the maps and use them offline.

2. Spend time in the water

In case you’re traveling to a place by sea or a lake, swimming or simply just spending time in the water is a great way to have fun while still being considerate to the environment. If there’s no sea or a lake, feel free to go to the swimming pool or even better, go to a river if there’s one nearby, just make sure that it’s safe for swimming. Also, water sports are also an amazing way to spend time with your family, so next time you wish to dip into the water, bring a ball with you so you’ll be able to play water volleyball.

3. Explore museums and galleries

Visiting museums and/or galleries can help you learn your kids about art and different cultures without spending a lot of money. Some museums have discounts for kids,and smaller groups. There are also places where you can book tickets through your phone meaning that you don’t need to print tickets, which makes this activity very eco-conscious. Besides, exploring museums and admiring various artwork beats soulless visits to shopping centers and spending your hard-earned money on things you can get at home, anyway.

4. Play some new sports

Even if you’re not an athletic type, playing sports can help you stay active and engage with others while travelling. There’s nothing more fun than trying to gather a basketball team and meeting new people during the process. A lot of people made new family friends this way, so don’t hesitate to look for people who may share your interests. In case your kids prefer something different from basketball and football, then opting for a relaxing, yet active sport is a great choice. Golf is a good option as it doesn’t require heavy and sudden movements, but it also requires you to be a fit to a degree. In case you want to learn more, you can find a lot of useful information about golf online. Even if you’re a beginner, playing golf is a great chance to network and meet a lot of interesting people. Badminton is another sport that has grown in popularity in recent years, Badminton HQ is one such company that stocks everything Badminton related.

5. Try volunteering

Being a volunteer can help your little ones to grow as a person, while simultaneously helping others. If you’re travelling for longer, you can find a local animal shelter and offer them some help. That way you can meet locals and create meaningful relationships. Volunteering can really make you see things from a different perspective, so if you’re looking to kill some time while travelling, feel free to find a local charity organization and try to do your best when it comes to helping those in need.

In conclusion, there are many ways to make your family travel more dynamic and entertaining without spending too much. The point is to not spend a lot of money, recycle as much as possible and engage in forms of entertainment that don’t cause too much pollution. Playing sports, exploring on foot or just chilling in the park will help you have fun and also learn more about the place you’re visiting.

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