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How To Make the Most of Your Small Patio

How To Make the Most of Your Small Patio

Having a beautiful backyard is every homeowner’s dream. Not everyone can enjoy a spacious outdoor area, but it’s still entirely possible to take advantage of the space you do have.

Knowing how to make the most of your small patio will help optimize your area. Give your family a place to enjoy the outdoors by learning a few deck decor tips.

Use All of Your Space

When it comes to modest decks, every square foot counts—you’ll need to use all of your space to make the most of your small patio.

In this situation, unoccupied corners will be your best friend. One of the advantages of bar stools is that you can fit them in small corners, leaving more room for other essential items. You can find so much space for tools and décor when you think creatively, so don’t forget about your railing, building exterior, and furniture surfaces.

Decorate Vertically

After you’ve used all of your flat space, where else can you find room on your patio? Instead of thinking horizontally, try decorating vertically to free up some square footage.

If you need more floor space, try hanging things that you would ordinarily keep on the ground. For example, you can hang your plants and light fixtures to make room for furniture and outdoor storage. This decorating strategy will also create an interesting visual effect to subtly spice up your home.

Choose the Right Furniture

The biggest obstacle you’ll face in arranging your patio is choosing the right furniture–your seating and tables can make or break your area. Your deck furniture can’t just look great; it should also be fully functional and sturdy enough to withstand the elements.

Size is also important when selecting the right patio furniture—you don’t want to pick a deck set that takes up too much space. You still need room to move around, so measure your patio’s dimensions and choose pieces that still leave room to maneuver.

Get Creative With Accessories

Your deck is the perfect place to get a little imaginative with decor. Even if you don’t have a ton of space, you can still dress your patio up by getting creative with accessories.

You don’t always need oversized chairs to add more seating. Instead, consider purchasing pillow poufs for a comfortable and compact sitting option. You can also hang curtains to create your own privacy wall and grow vines on your railing for lush greenery that doesn’t occupy any valuable floor space.

Just because your patio is small doesn’t mean you can’t have a functional outdoor space. Use these tips to create the perfect deck for your entire family to enjoy.

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