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How to make the exterior of your home look expensive

Arrggh… the thought of making your outdoor home look top-notch to friends could be tiring. From getting the right decorations to acquiring the best furniture, your chances of achieving your aim would be so bleak if without having the right information about decorations. This toppled with how little your budget is… so fatiguing.

How about I show you some tips to make the exterior of your home look expensive? Here we go:

Go for artworks.

The importance of artworks in decorating anywhere and everywhere- either outdoor or indoor, can never be overemphasized. Artworks could be in the form of painting, sculpturing, drawings and a host of other branches.  Have you ever been to an auction for an artwork? If not, I can boldly tell you of how costly they could be. Artworks hold so much value in society. Something I find rather interesting about artworks is their ability to attract visual interest wherever they are found. You don’t have to spend your entire salary getting arts, no. In fact, just a spray paint matched with a creative mind can do the job. Don’t be scared, go for artworks, down the road- you would appreciate them.

Subtle lighting

 Lighting is superb for creating a cosy and sophisticated atmosphere. Just as important as knowing how a good lighting system could arise a visual appeal, you must know how to choose the appropriate light fixtures for specific places in your home. For your yard, you could install low-voltage light along the garden path. Go out of the box by hiding lights in bushes and trees. For your front doors, try out traditional lighting- they help stimulate a feeling of comfort, warmth when welcoming guests. Try it out. just make sure it’s classy.

A classic colour scheme

Do you want to create the right ambience? Try out neutral hues. A very good way of achieving a suitable colour scheme is to build it on exteriors that do not easily change like your roof or even the building’s architectural components. Also, try to find a complementary palette. Warm beige, white, pale grey, soft yellow, and similar hues help create an inviting ambience and a feeling of warmth.

Try out classy furniture

Come on! You wouldn’t want your guest legs to be aching if they want to take in the fresh air out in the evening. Whether you need to pop a bottle of champagne, take in dinner or even enjoy the cool evening- outdoor dining furniture always comes in handy. Don’t go for just anything. Before going to market, make sure you make adequate research and decide which one best fits you and your personality. 

Being expensive doesn’t just mean what you showcase, it could mean your personality. Don’t go for what everyone has, go a step further, go classy. Make your outdoor dining furniture spectacular. If everyone has wooden patio furniture, go for plastic ones. An advantage of this is how durable they could be. In fact, if you do not replace them, they could last a lifetime. Again, they are budget-friendly. Surely, it would be a no-brainer to choose them.

Check out your garage doors.

This is an aspect most people skip. When decorating your garage doors, make ensure you choose decorations that fit into your home general appeal. Your garage door has a major impact on your home curb appeal- I reemphasize. However, if you are looking out for a budget-friendly means of styling your garage door, you could just paint it and add up suitable lighting.

Wrapping Up.

Making your home look expensive doesn’t require a fortune- it could just need a creative mind.


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