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Snowball Pom Pom Craft

Pom Pom Craft

The internet is great. You find lots of people who share your strange obsessions. I’ve been a little bit obsessed with pom poms recently (and I said POM POMS people – not anything else – I now know how your minds work – there is neither an r or an n in the word). I was thinking about how to make poms poms at half term because I wanted to make some into ice cream for the girls when they play tea parties. Bizarrely my mum had been making them with my nephews at the same time, so I could get her to show me how it was done. It is one of the activities I could remember doing when I was a child but I couldn’t remember how you finished them off. Since then I have been in a frenzy of pom pom craft making.

Anyway blogging Queen, Christine Mosler has made a vlog about how you use a pom pom machine. They look great and are much quicker and easier way to make pom poms. In the mean time, she dared me to do a vlog of how to make pom poms using cardboard. Obviously I am crushingly embarrassed by this but I can’t resist a dare, so here it is. In fact please don’t watch it I beg you. Just skip right over and look at the pretty pictures of pom poms and we can all pretend it never happened.

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