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How to make a seashell photo frame

Do you find yourself coming away from the beach with lots of beautiful sea shells and nothing to do with them? I searched everywhere for shell crafts and couldn’t find anything. Then decided to make a sea shell photo frame for our summer memories. This week we have really missed the beach. Luckily we came home with a big box of pretty shells to remind us of our time by the sea.

After the shells had been collected and sorted it seemed a shame just to put them away. So we thought we would use them to make a pretty picture frame. My daughter placed them onto the frame (which was an old one we had lying around) and I stuck them on with strong glue. I used superglue so made sure she stayed well away. I found it was easier if you put the glue onto the frame and then placed the shell on top – that way you didn’t get any on your fingers. I liked the pattern she formed so I pretty much kept to it, I only rejigged a few here and there to make it a bit more symmetrical.  

So there you go, one sea shell photo frame. Now we just need a nice picture to go in the middle. While I was doing the gluing, my daughter had fun painting a sandy beach. It was a good opportunity to practice some colour mixing too.  

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