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How to make a real life Pokeball

Pokeball tutorial

The girls love Pokemon Go and really wanted a real life Pokeball. I thought they would be pretty easy to make and we could make one for all their cousins who were round for the day. The finished pokeballs looked pretty good and would make a fun decoration to hang up in your bedroom or even for Christmas.

pokeball ball

I found some clear plastic craft balls. These are really good for making Christmas decorations and come in lots of different sizes so you can choose what size pokeball you want.

Materials You Will Need To make a Pokeball

  • Clear plastic craft balls (we used 10 x Clear Plastic Christmas Baubles 5cm)
  • Red spray paint Plasti-kote
  • White spray paint Plasti-kote
  • Permanent marker Sharpie Fine Permanent Marker Pen Black

The day before I spray painted half the Pokeballs red. This is a clear gloss spray. I wish I had sprayed the other half white as that would have looked even better. You need to leave these to dry for about 4 hours and apply a few thinner layers to get a good finish. You also need to make sure you spray them in a well-ventilated area.


We drew around the edges of the ball with a sharpie. The kids made their own circle from a piece of white card, which we stuck on using a glue gun.

How to make a Pokeball

Of course, every Pokemon trainer needs a cap. The children decorated caps with their favourite Pokemon. They turned out so cute and a great way to keep the sun off your face if you are going on a Pokemon hunt.

Pokemon trainer cosplay

Once they were finished it was time to hunt some Pokemon. Come back later to find out how we arranged a real life Pokemon hunt.

Pokemon trainers with the Pokeballs
How to make a real life Pokeball

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