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How to Make A Football Piñata Cake

piñata football cake

Do your kids love football? If so I bet they would love a football piñata cake. This is such a fun cake to make and surprisingly easy to make yet looks really impressive. You do need some special equipment, 2 pudding bowls and  a hexagon shaped cutter. I was so cross as I thought I had a cookie cutter shaped like a hexagon but I couldn’t find it, so I ordered one last minute from eBay. Of course it didn’t arrive in time so I cut the hexagons free hand using a stencil and a sharp knife. They didn’t look great. I was tidying up after the party when I found the cutter, which had fallen on the floor. Ah well. At least I will be doubly organised for the next football party I throw.

Football cake

Anyway the good thing is it doesn’t really matter what the outside of the cake looks like as it’s the inside which counts. When you cut it open out pour the mini footballs and colourful sprinkles. You could match the colours of the sprinkles to your team colours. I bought the chocolate footballs from eBay.

soccer cake



12 oz butter

12 oz of sugar

6 eggs

14 oz of self raising flour

2 tsp of vanilla essence


white and black ready rolled icing

jam for sticking the icing on

chocolate footballs

cake sprinkles

football pinata cake

For full recipe to make this cake see Debbie Brown Cakes. I split the cake batter between the two pudding bowls. When the cake was baked and cooled I caved two holes inside and filled it with the chocolate balls and sprinkles. Then I put a thin layer of jam on the two parts and stuck them carefully together.

Football cake

I spread some jam across the top of the cake and folded the white icing over it. Then I cut hexagons into the black icing and stuck them onto the cake. As I didn’t have a cutter this didn’t look as good as I wanted.

piñata football cake

We enjoyed this cake at our family football party. It was also great to have a slice while commiserating over the footie results last Thursday. We watched the match at home but like so many people watched what everyone else was thinking about it on social media with our tablet 96% of people according to this survey by LG. I think there were quite a few people who would have needed a slice of cake at the end of the match – judging by their reactions on twitter. Good thing the inside of the cake wasn’t sky blue though!

 football cakeLook here for full details of our Football party:

Planning a football party for a special birthday or to celebrate the World Cup? This blog has everything you need.

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