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How to Look After Your Garden in the Winter

As grass and plants are dormant during winter, you might believe there are minimal tasks to complete in your garden. However, while weeding and watering will not be a priority during the season, there are still jobs to complete to care for your exterior and ensure it is ready for spring.

If you want to maintain a beautiful space each season, you must not be afraid to get your hands a little dirty during the colder months. Find out how to look after your garden in winter.

Tidy And Repair Your Lawn

A mid-length lawn is essential during winter. If the grass is too long, then it will frost and become brittle. However, if it is too short, then it might struggle to survive the arduous winter elements. Also, use wintertime to repair edges and generally tidy a lawn to ensure it grows evenly come spring.

Drain Outside Taps

Prevent burst pipes by draining your outside taps and isolating them before the cold weather strikes. Draining the water will also prevent damage to the tap, which will ensure it works well during spring and summer. If you can’t isolate a garden tap, then insulate the pipes and add a tap cover.

Give Your Pond Some TLC

If you have a pond in your garden, you must give it some TLC during winter. First, break any ice to protect fish and provide wildlife with a much-needed drink. However, never shatter ice in a pond, as the shockwaves may kill all inhabitants. Instead, use a floating de-icer to create small breaks in any ice or place a hot pan on the surface.

Also, add or replace a pond pump to filter the water and keep a pond fresh and healthy throughout winter. Some online guides recommend shutting down a pond pump during winter, but it isn’t necessary to do so in the UK due to its existing climate. Instead, protect your pond’s ecosystem by finding the perfect pump for your pond at Water Garden, which offers everything from solar pumps to pump descalers.

Prune Roses

January and February are the best time of year to prune roses, as you can tend to the bed before the leaves emerge. During these months, cut the plants back by half and attempt to create a round, even shape. Don’t forget to remove any dead, diseased or damaged stems to keep your roses healthy and vibrant.

Plant Snowdrops To Bloom In Winter

Photo by i vv on Unsplash

If you love to spend time in your garden come rain or shine, you will often feel excited when the first flowers emerge come spring. However, you can inject some excitement into your garden much sooner by planting snowdrops. The beautiful flowers will bloom between January to March, which will add a new burst of colour and beauty to your garden during the winter months.

If you follow these handy tips, you can keep yourself busy in your garden throughout winter and enjoy a stunning exterior once spring arrives.

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