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How To Get Your Kids Excited About Moving

How To Get Your Kids Excited About Moving

Moving to a new home is a tough experience for kids. Suddenly, they have to say goodbye to a house they know and love and move into an unfamiliar place. This sudden and dramatic change can make them sad, angry, and even scared.

“Isn’t there any way to prevent this?” you might wonder as a parent. While there will inevitably be feelings of loss associated with a move, there are also ways to get your kids excited about moving. Here are our tips on how to make the big move less stressful and more exciting!

Involve Them in the Process

If you’re still looking for a place, let your kids join you on the home search. Exploring new places can be thrilling, and moving will be less scary when they’ve already toured the new home and know its nooks and crannies! Involving them in the packing and moving process is also highly beneficial—for you and them!

Let Them Know What To Expect

Honesty is a virtue, and it can also help kids adapt to the move. Let them know what moving entails. Where is the family moving to? What are the new home and their new room like? Will they have to change schools? Knowing what to expect will remove the unpredictability of moving and ease your child into what’s to come.

Emphasize the Good

Yes, moving comes with some bad and sad things. Your child will have to say goodbye to your current home. They might be moving farther away from their friends or going to a new school. But moving also has positives to it, and those are what you should emphasize. Emphasizing the good parts of moving assures your kid that the move won’t be as world-ending as it seems!

Let Them Decorate Their New Room

What kid wouldn’t love a cool new room? Letting them decorate their new room will make them feel involved in the moving process. It will also give them a fun and familiar space in the new home that will make them feel safe. Paint the walls and then let your child arrange the furniture and add the finishing touches.

Have a Farewell Party

Having a send-off party for your old home can make the move feel less abrupt and give your kids closure. It doesn’t have to be a big party; just get some basic decorations, snacks, and games. At the end of the party, say goodbye to the house, thank it for all the good times, and wish it luck on its next adventure with a new family!

These are our top tips on how to get your kids excited about moving! Follow the advice above to prepare your kids for the next chapter in your family’s life.

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